Blue Cluster (Grades 4-5)

Welcome to (Blue Cluster) from Imani Smith & Lillian Peralta Alba

The Theme of Blue Cluster: Patterns of Change

The students in Blue Cluster learn the importance of being part of a community and responsibility to each other. Using the theme Patterns of Change we describe, analyze and find patterns in what we see is happening in the world around us. We look for these patterns in the literature we read and the historical concepts that we study. We learn to understand the patterns we find there so that we can make sense and connections from the past in order to predict future patterns.

Blue Cluster stresses independence, work quality and time management skills as students study our environment and our state’s and country’s history through simulations. Our curriculum encourages children to make appropriate choices, both academically and interpersonally. Students participate in whole group, small group, interest groups and cooperative group lessons. They learn to analyze, infer and make judgements as they write from a character’s perspective that they have studied in literature. Students learn to look at the world like a poet rather than a scientist in our Writer’s Workshop where we teach our students to show and not tell in their writing. They learn to write from the heart rather then writing a grocery list of ideas. Using technology, the students are encouraged to reach beyond the walls of the classroom to gain insight and knowledge from the sources this media makes available to them and they also learn to incorporate their math skills such as algebra, statistics and physics as they create simulations in the computer program Squeak. The students learn the many possibilities to problem solving in scientific situations and mathematical ones.

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Happy Friday/ All Day Virtual PD (Article)

Submitted by Blue Teacher on Mar 27 (last updated Mar 27)

Happy Friday Blue Cluster Families,


You made it to the end of the week and we see how much fun you all have been having with reading, going outside, creating and more! Yesterday's Math Session went amazing and we appreciate the feedback from everyone who attended. We have enjoyed seeing the padlets for Virtual Spirit Week. Before the week ends we want you to remember that Fridays are for building Forts! Make this a whole family adventure.


Outside Spirit Day 3/26 (Article)

Submitted by Blue Teacher on Mar 26 (last updated Mar 26)

Padlet for today spirit day




We will be on zoom call today for math support at 10:30 and 11:00 o'clock for those that reached out to us. Please check you emails, as we will only send out zoom meeting ID through email or remind to prevent people who are not apart of the community from joing the calls. 

Updates and more (3/25/2020) (Article)

Submitted by Blue Teacher on Mar 25 (last updated Mar 25)

Happy Wednesday,

Your Padlets are extremely amazing. We are so excited to see the creative and fun things you all are doing. More importantly we are happy to see your smiling faces continuing to be the outstanding students you are.

3/24/2020 (Article)

Submitted by Blue Teacher on Mar 24 (last updated Mar 24)

Here is the link  to Padlet for Virtual Spirit Week: Tuesday is Creation Day


We invite you to share something that you might have already created in the last week, in the process of creating or something that you plan to create today. 


In the spirit of Creation Day here are some resources and ideas of other things to CREATE:

Blue Cluster Virtual Spirit Week/Math Support (Article)

Submitted by Blue Teacher on Mar 22 (last updated Mar 22)


Week Two of Extended Learning

March 18 (Day 3 of Extended Learning): First Zoom Call (Article)

Submitted by Blue Teacher on Mar 18 (last updated Mar 18)

Happy Wednesday, 

We would love to hear about your week so far and see what fun things you have been up to as well as checking in to see how everyone’s learning is going. We will be having a zoom meeting with the class tomorrow at 10 AM. Attached is the link for the session as well down below. 

To prepare for this meeting we would like for the students to make a sample copy of what their daily schedules have been so far. (Not mandatory.) Looking forward to seeing all your faces bright and early. 

March 17th (Day 2 of Extended Learning) (Article)

Submitted by Blue Teacher on Mar 17 (last updated Mar 17)

Happy Tuesday Everyone, 

We miss everyone and hope that home learning is going well. If anyone has any questions please feel free to email or send a text message on Remind. We will provide a Q and A section on the class website where we will post and answer any questions that you all may have and will be available to help others who may be wondering the same thing. 

At Home school Plan and links to online resources. (Article)

Submitted by Blue Teacher on Mar 16 (last updated Mar 16)

Dear Blue Cluster Families,


Please note: We emailed this to parents, however we have updated information and links on and after the listed schedule.

We are sending this packet home, in case of school closing we have created a plan for learning at home, away from school.


Here is what we have in this envelope for your child:

1. We are sending math packets related to geometry and measurement, both standard and metric.

Donors Choose (Announcement)

Submitted by Blue Teacher on Dec 3 (last updated Dec 3)

Hi Everyone!
We’re doing really well on funding our Riley’s Farm trip with Yellow Cluster through Donors Choose.  Thank you to everyone who has already donated $15 (or more, wow!) so our kids can go on this amazing trip.  We only have until December 6th, 4 more days, to fully fund the trip and have our donations matched by using the promo code SPARK.  We have approximately $1100 left to go, so if you haven’t yet donated, please do so soon!  (And then we won’t have to clutter up your inbox any more by sending more email reminders! :) )

2015 Fall Conferences (Announcement)

Submitted by Blue Teacher on Oct 6 (last updated Oct 6)

Dear Blue Cluster Families,

Please follow the following link to sign up for Student, Teacher, Parent Fall Conferences:

Here's the Stomp Link (Article)

Submitted by Blue Teacher on May 7 (last updated May 7)

Once a week Blue cluster students meet with our musical director, Mr. McBain and work in collaborative groups to learn about musical orchestration.  With Mr. McBain's guidance, the students produce original musical pieces by utilizing a variety of instruments including, bongo, drums, xylophones, gong, and many more. The small group creations are compiled into one class 45 minute performance.Take a look at one of our student groups during rehearsals:

Read-a-thon Minutes (Announcement)

Submitted by Blue Teacher on Feb 25 (last updated Feb 27)

Dear Parents of Open School Time Travelers,

Blue Cluster Announcements (Article)

Submitted by Blue Teacher on Dec 11 (last updated Dec 11)

Morning Assembly, Tomorrow, December 12 (8:30 am in auditorium)
Blue Cluster will be leading the morning assembly tomorrow, Thursday, December 12, 2013.  We will sing a short song that the students created and perform a student-written skit to reinforce a Community of Respect. Every student needs to wear their cluster t-shirt or a blue shirt. Please join us if you can.

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