Indigo Cluster (Grades 2-3)

Welcome To Indigo Cluster--Regina Jeffery & Stacy Messaye

The theme of Indigo Cluster is "Prisms and Pyramids." The "Pyramid" year curriculum leads students through an exploration and investigation of outer space, and the mathematics, myths, science, art and language. The curriculum encourages students to engage with the subject matter and showcase their imagination and creativity through oral presentations, stories, art, and group projects.

This year through "prisms" we will focus on planet Earth and her many beautiful biomes. Students will learn about the diverse life forms that inhabit this planet, and study them from a multitude of perspectives. Botany, geology, anthropology, entomology, and other natural and social sciences will be departure points for exploring the dynamic biosphere. We will celebrate our ability to see similar things in a variety of ways.

We will also study the global human village and discover new ways to interact and problem solve by researching the civilizations of our ancestors, some of the great citizens of the earth, like Eleanor Roosevelt, Princess Diana, Mahatma Gandhi, Jane Goodall, Dr. King and others.

Students will develop their proficiency in language arts; transitioning from learning to read to reading to learn. The support to make this transition enjoyable and successful will be given in opportunities to read aloud, in groups and one-on-one. Students will develop their reading skills at a pace that is suited to their individual needs. Students will learn to select reading materials that are appropriate to their proficiency level. They will be challenged to grow in skill and reading confidence. Writing exercises will reinforce students' understanding of the material and provide opportunities to express and explore new ideas through essays, presentations and story-telling. By the conclusion of the Indigo Cluster, students will be more effective, competent and confident writers and develop language arts skills that will easily transfer to other areas of study.

Building a sustained love of math in our students is the thread that runs through the diverse subjects of the Indigo Cluster. Math exploration is thoroughly integrated into the curriculum. Our study of ancient civilizations will require students to create and read maps. We will experiment with mathematical techniques from around the world. Measuring, converting, dividing, subtracting, adding and multiplying is just the beginning. The natural world provides a myriad of math lessons, such as number sequencing that exists in trees, fruit, pine cones and animals, as acknowledged by ancient Indians and the Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci.

As they become familiar with the earth and its many wonders, students will cultivate a healthy respect and sense of responsibility for the Blue Planet. So, citizens of our Mother Earth we look forward to a year of great discovery and growth.

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