First Friday Family Fun!

Join your friends for a virtual fun gathering, where we will play and laugh, learn and create, and have fun while getting to know our community a little bit better each time.



Friday, October 2, at 5pm
Hosted by teachers and parent volunteers, with little fun prizes for all participants.

Cost: FREE!
Donations are appreciated, as every dollar helps us meet our annual goal and keep Open School's unique programs ongoing.

Or scan the QR code below to make an easy payment with your phone:

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Reminder: Charleston Wrap Fundraiser (Article)

Submitted by Shazneen Gandhi on Oct 22 (last updated Oct 22)

This is a gentle reminder that Open School could use your help to meet its fundraising goals this year.  Let us help you with your holiday shopping, while you help us with our fundraising.

Benny's Tacos, Spirit Gear Store, and Charleston Wrap! (Announcement)

Submitted by Friends on Sep 26 (last updated Oct 13)

Hello again amazing Open School families,

As you now, Open School needs your continued support. Friends of the Open School is working hard to bring various fundraising opportunities, and we hope you can find one or some that suits your family.

Earn Cashback and Support Open School with BAMit! (Article)

Submitted by Shazneen Gandhi on Jun 11 (last updated Jun 11)

There’s a new way of raising much-needed funds for Open School all year round, and it won't cost you anything! All it takes is downloading a free app! 

We have partnered with BAMit, a cash back app designed to encourage users to shop locally by offering monetary incentives for both you and our school. 

How it works:

Box Tops Go Digital! (Article)

Submitted by Shazneen Gandhi on Aug 29 (last updated Sep 4)

Over the years, we have earned over $8000 for Open School by simply submitting Box Tops collected from products we purchase in the normal course of life to the school. Now you can simply scan in your receipts into an app and monies will be donated to the school. 

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(in order to receive items before Christmas!)

Fri 10/30 11:55 pm