Open School’s Readathon traditionally takes place in the Spring and generates lots of excitement among the kids. The program has several objectives: we want to encourage Open School students to patronize our wonderful library; we want to inspire them to read more during their free time; and we use the program to apply for grants allowing us to expand our library’s collection.

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Thank You for a Fabulous Readathon! (Article)

Submitted by Antoinette Cass on Mar 30 (last updated Mar 30)

This year our Readathon was as spectacular as ever!

The Twisted Tales theme intrigued the minds of students and teachers alike. A resounding shout out goes to Shana Aelony and Pamela Evans for all of their hard work and creativity as the Chairs of this event.

Shana and Pam, a huge thank you to both you and your entire Readathon Committee, for continuously sparking the love of reading in the hearts and minds of all of our youngsters.

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