Governing Council

The Open School Governing Council is the school's shared decision-making body.  Its 24 voting members are comprised of teachers, staff, administrators and 12 elected parent members.  The Governing Council's focus is on interpreting and fulfilling the school's Charter and Magnet Program.

Although the Governing Council decides on how discretionary funds are used, fundraising is the responsibility of a separate entity, Friends of the Open School.  The Friends President is also a voting member of the Governing Council.

The Governing Council operates based on established Bylaws.

The full Council meets once a month (usually the third Thursday) at 5:30 p.m. in the Teacher's Lounge. The meeting agenda, published in advance in keeping with the Brown Act, includes Principal, Officer and Committee reports along with old and new business.

The Governing Council agenda is finalized by the Executive Council, which is comprised of the Principal, a Teacher Representative, the Friends President, and the Governing Council Officers.  The Executive Council meets several days in advance of each Governing Council meeting.

All members of the Open School Community are welcome to submit ideas, proposals, or agenda items for consideration in advance of the Executive Council meeting.  These can be sent to the appropriate Committee chair or to the Executive Council directly, at (subject: Idea%2FProposal%2FAgenda%20Item) .  Submissions will be discussed in the Executive Council meeting and either added to the upcoming agenda or referred to the appropriate Committee.

Much of the detailed work of the Governing Council is done separately, in committees, which are co-chaired by a parent and a teacher (see the menu to the left to learn more).  Committees are a great way to get involved.  Any parent may co-chair or serve on a committee, regardless of Governing Council membership.

All members of the Open School Community are invited to contribute their time and talent by joining a committee, running for Council or presenting your ideas.  We’re a community rooted in collaboration and we encourage you to get involved in whatever way you can.


Officers (elected from among Parent Representatives)

Holly Clark, President
Jevone Moore, Vice President
Matt Wall, Secretary
Quim Perez, Treasurer

Teachers and Administrators

Antoinette Cass, Principal
Peggy Lew, Magnet Coordinator
Pamela Evans, Classified Staff Representative
Teacher Representatives (all Clusters)

Parent Representatives

Julia Jones (Friends President)
Melanie Banders
Nicole Cannon
Donelda Carter
Tanya Jones
Sarah McNeil
Naomi Salamon
Patricia Trujillo

Parent Alternates

Danee Jones-Mitchell
Muizz Kheraj
Darin Salazar

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Why I Serve on the Governing Council - Holly Clark (Article)

Submitted by Peggy Lew on Mar 15 (last updated Mar 30)

Open School’s Governing Council Needs You!

Our plates are full. Overflowing. Whether you’re employed outside the home or not, we’re all busy. So taking on another commitment may feel like the worst idea since car surfing. But don’t let that stop you from throwing your hat in the ring.

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Meet in Teachers' Lounge--child care provided.

Thu 5/4 5:30 pm

Meet in Teachers' Lounge--child care provided.

Thu 6/1 5:30 pm