Submitted by Peggy Lew on Mar 22 (last updated Mar 22)

If you are interested in sparking the young minds of students and having a voice in the educational lives of our students, then RUN FOR GOVERNING COUNCIL for the 2020/21 School Year. 

2020 Friends of Open School Alumni College Scholarship (Article)

Submitted by Antoinette Cass on Feb 12 (last updated Mar 9)

Are you a current high school senior who culminated from Open Magnet Charter School? If so, Friends of Open School invites you to apply for a $500 scholarship celebrating your achievements that align with Open School's Mission and our Community of Respect. Please use BOTH links below to get more information and to access the application and recommendation form.

Links for Tuesday, 3/31/20 (Article)

Submitted by Yellow Teacher on Mar 31 (last updated Mar 31)

Here’s what Ms. Denise posted today on Class Dojo for Yellow Cluster to work on.

Read aloud: Since we usually do Roots of Respect activities on Tuesday, this book relates to our work with empathy.  We are asking the students to write about the following in their Class Dojo portfolios:

Please write about how the main character and his aunt showed empathy.  Also, if the story was extended a week, and you were in the book, what would you do to show empathy to the store owner in that next week?

The Candy Shop

Daily Update: Tuesday, March 31, 2020 (Article)

Submitted by Indigo Teacher on Mar 31 (last updated Mar 31)

Good morning!

March 31 (Article)

Submitted by Yellow Teacher on Mar 31 (last updated Mar 31)

Here is today's read aloud #4. Listen for the answer to today's question: why did Mrs. Hatcher blame Peter for the accident, even though Sheila was in charge?​

This is another elapsed time video and the worksheet can be found in your student's portfolio on Class Dojo. If you cannot access the sheet, please let us know and we will email it to you.

Extended Home Learning Day #12 (Article)

Submitted by Silver Teacher on Mar 31 (last updated Mar 31)

Good Morning Silver Families,

It is the last day of March!  This month felt like a blur!  Through all of the transitions we are experiencing together as a community,  we are so thankful that we can connect with your children online and through platforms that allow us to see their smiles and hear their voices.  We had a lot of students submit their first activity about their feelings on Class Dojo.  We LOVED listening and responding to each and every child. We miss them a lot!  

Update for Monday 3/30 (Article)

Submitted by Yellow Teacher on Mar 30 (last updated Mar 30)

Hi everyone,

Sorry for yet another email, but this has been a crazy morning and we wanted to get you information you might need.

First of all, the Class Dojo site is experiencing outages, so you may not be able to get on.  We have found a couple of mistakes we need to fix in our posts there, but can't log in to fix them.  They're working on it on their end, but until then...

Daily Update: Monday, March 30, 2020 (Article)

Submitted by Indigo Teacher on Mar 30 (last updated Mar 30)

Good morning Indigo Cluster Families,

3/30/2020 Links and Updates (Article)

Submitted by Yellow Teacher on Mar 30 (last updated Mar 30)

Monday, March 30th.  

For now, we are going to be sharing all of our information in these emails as well as Class Dojo.  We are hoping to transition to using mostly Class Dojo for assignments and links after Spring Break, so if you haven’t yet signed up for you and your child’s Class Dojo accounts, please do so as soon as possible.  We know they are experiencing high volume delays right now, so please be patient and keep trying.

March 30 (Article)

Submitted by Yellow Teacher on Mar 30 (last updated Mar 30)

Good morning Yellow,

So many new and exciting things are happening this week! We will be posting on both the website as well as Class Dojo. When students finish the work or have a response to questions, they can post on Class Dojo or email us. We want to transition to submitting work on Class Dojo. 

Here is today's read aloud of Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and we posted the corresponding question on Class Dojo in the students' portfolios.