Minimum Day Tomorrow - June 9, 2017 (Article)

Submitted by Antoinette Cass on Jun 8 (last updated Jun 8)

Just a friendly reminder that school will be dismissed at 12:50pm tomorrow for the last day of school. If your child rides the bus, please be at their afternoon stop approximately one hour and forty minutes ahead of time. STAR and Youth Services will be open until 6 p.m. Have a wonderful summer.

Thank you for the Open Speakeasy Gala (Article)

Submitted by Julia Jones on Jun 7 (last updated Jun 8)

The Open Speakeasy Gala was so much fun! Thank you to everyone who attended.

I want to shout out a huge thank you to everyone who helped make this event happen. To Scott Henry and Tami Hachiya who provided the fabulous venue, lined up the food and found our lovely bartenders who concocted some delicious drinks. Scott and Tami also made sure everything was organized and ready so the evening went smoothly.

Reminders/Updates (Article)

Submitted by Shazneen Gandhi on Jun 7 (last updated Jun 8)
  • June 9: Last Day of School - Dismissal at 12:50 pm
  • Aug. 12: Back-to-School Picnic @12 pm (11:30 am new parents)
  • Aug. 15: First Day of School 

Growing With Green - June 5, 2017 (Article)

Submitted by Green Teacher on Jun 6 (last updated Jun 6)

On the last day of school, June 9, we will have our end-of-the-year celebration as well as the May-June-July birthdays.  A bubble-ologist will be entertaining the children with magic bubbles and games. The festivities will be starting at 11am and the school day will be over at 12:50pm. It will be a busy and wonderful way to end our year together.

Indigo Cluster Reminders (Article)

Submitted by Indigo Teacher on Jun 5 (last updated Jun 5)

Hi Everyone, 

Claim Lost and Found Items by Wednesday (Article)

Submitted by Peggy Lew on Jun 4 (last updated Jun 6)

(This is the updated Lost & Found notice.  The previous e-mail had a wrong last day of school date.)

Please check for items from the Lost & Found because they need to be claimed before school ends on Wednesday.

Clothes have been hung on the fence by our L & F helpers since last Thursday. Clusters have all walked through.

This is a last call to look for missing items!  All unclaimed items will be collected and donated to a local charity. We need to clear out the area for culmination.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! (Article)

Submitted by Antoinette Cass on Jun 1 (last updated Jun 8)

Over the course of the year, Open School engages in many events and activities that seek to support and enhance the educational experience of our students.  We try, after each of these events to show our appreciation, to the Chairs and their teams for their efforts.  It would be impossible to individually thank everyone who makes a difference at Open School in the Backpack - we are a community of giving families.

Open Hearts: Year in Review, Crayon Collection, Summer Volunteer Opportunities! (Article)

Submitted by Shazneen Gandhi on May 31 (last updated May 31)

Our school's community service club, Open Hearts, has had a purposeful year making a difference to communities beyond Open School.  We are grateful to club members, who worked diligently under the leadership of Gretchen Gonzales and Adrianne Robertson, and with the support of Open School families, successfully met many community service goals. 

Growing With Green - May 30, 2017 (Article)

Submitted by Green Teacher on May 30 (last updated May 30)

Shopping Day was a smashing success! The children shopped ‘til they dropped, using their money skills and spending all of theirmoney. Watch out for their future as shopaholics! Thank you to all of the parents and grandparents who helped us realize this enriching activity.

Last week we learned about our sense of touch and this week we will be wrapping up our unit with the sense of taste. Two activity sheets are included.

Growing With Green - May 22, 2017 (Article)

Submitted by Green Teacher on May 23 (last updated May 23)

Last week we learned about our sense of smell. Did you know that there are about 40 million olfactory (smell) receptors in our noses? Ask your little “doctors” about our sense of smell. A worksheet is attached.

In Writing Workshop, we continued with our “How to” books. The children selected one of their expert ideas and fleshed out the details for the next step in the process. The children have truly begun to see themselves as authors.