LAUSD School Experience Survey: Please complete TODAY

Please fill out this very important survey by January 22. 

Open School and LAUSD need your responses to The School Experience Survey. This is an annual survey administered to all LAUSD schools. Survey results provide schools with important feedback from teachers, staff, students and parents. If you have any questions about the School Experience Survey, please send an (email to Ms. Lew).

Parents/ Guardians, use the following link to complete your Survey:

English Survey Link
Spanish Survey Link

The Parent Survey will take less than 15 minutes to complete. You may choose to answer some, but not all items.  Also note that some items on the survey are not applicable to our school (e.g. questions regarding a Parent Center). All responses are confidential. 

We want to get a 100% of our parents to complete their survey.  Please help us get to 100%.

Thank you for your participation. Your feedback makes a difference!

Expiration Date: 
Nov 17