Readathon News: Slytherin Wins The House Cup!

The 2019 Readathon House Cup goes to Slytherin, who maintained their lead from last week. Fantastic work, team!

Open School Congratulated by the Ministry of Reading Magic!

Congratulations are in order for the tremendous efforts made in all four Houses. You’ve made the Ministry of Reading Magic proud. 

Thank you Yellow Cluster for your 100% participation this week and to Indigo who increased their participation from 77% in the first week to 96% in the third. And this week every single student in Hufflepuff participated. That’s true teamwork.

Special shout out to Micah Sh. from Slytherin for having read the most minutes — 10,082 — over the past three weeks. 

School-wide, there was a 99% participation rate! What a way to cap off this truly magical experience. 

Final Minute Counts for All Teams:

Slytherin:  167,171
Gryffindor: 160,310
Ravenclaw:  157,555
Hufflepuff: 156,167

Join the Readathon Committee:

The 2019 Readathon would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of co-chairs Chey Townsend and Katie Turnball, and Shana Aelony. These three fabulous parents all have children culminating at the end of this year so the Readathon Committee will need new faces to help for next year.

Please consider giving your time. It's so worth it. 

Expiration Date: 
Mar 1