Weekly News - October 4, 2019

October 4, 2019

Remember that there is no school on Wednesday, October 9th.  

We did something different for the weekly goals this week.  In an effort to have our students think carefully about the behavior choices they are making, we had them complete a shortened version of the personal responsibility section of the report card and answer a few questions to go along with it.  We have read and made comments as well. There is a letter attached to it that explains more about what we are trying to do with this evaluation. Instead of a weekly goal, we are sending this home for you to sign.  Please review it carefully with your child before signing it and sending it back.  

Overall, we are working very hard with our class to create and support a positive and productive classroom environment.  We are having challenges with many students doing too much talking, both during work time and while we are teaching or facilitating group conversations and experiences, as well as playing when they shouldn’t be.  Many students are also having difficulties with being first time listeners and following directions once they are given.  In an effort to make as much of this solution as possible be centered around the students taking responsibility for making changes, rather than it being all top-down directives and negative consequences from us (though we are doing those things as well), we’re hoping that taking some time to really think about, and hear from us, how things are going, will help our students refocus on making better choices more consistently.  Please support us in this effort.

The students received their checkbooks today (we had tried to do it last Friday, but they weren’t able to stay quiet long enough for us to pass them out), which also means that we will start being able to fine students on Monday.  The fines will also be part of the support system for our quality learning community.  If your child comes home with a fine slip for you to sign, please take it seriously and consider having some consequences at home as well.


Scholastic News:  This week we are reading about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, and what one girl did to try and help.  The map is two sided, with one side focusing on the causes and effects of the problem and the other side focusing on how people tried to solve the problem.  The magazine and map are due on Friday, October 11th.

Problem of the Week:  This week’s problem is a little easier than last week’s.  It involves using a pattern repeatedly to solve the problem.  We recommend a table or chart to organize the information to help figure out the solution. It’s due on Friday, October 11th.

Getting to Know You Pictures:  We were unable to do this project today, as there are a large number of students without pictures.  We are going to try again for next Friday, so please email us 7-10 pictures that your child has chosen for this project.  Please send them as attachments to an email, or two emails, if necessary.  Zipping the file works also, if you have a Mac.

Expiration Date: 
Oct 18