At Home school Plan and links to online resources.

Dear Blue Cluster Families,


Please note: We emailed this to parents, however we have updated information and links on and after the listed schedule.

We are sending this packet home, in case of school closing we have created a plan for learning at home, away from school.


Here is what we have in this envelope for your child:

1. We are sending math packets related to geometry and measurement, both standard and metric.

Please only complete the even numbered problems, 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. At least 5 problems per page. We do not want you to complete all of them because we would prefer you move through all of the pages and concepts.


2. Both an inches ruler and a metric ruler that needs to be cut out and assembled is provided. DO NOT LOSE this.


3. There is a glossary of math terms packet as well a table of measure. You will need this to help with math work as you complete your pages.


4. Road Map project- This is a project to use with the Lemonade War book AND one additional book of your choice if you finish the first one. Follow the directions in the project Directions packet. There is an example included related to a narrative Catalina project from previous years. It's not exactly the same, but it will give you a visual understanding of what we would like you to create. Please use crayons, colored pencils, etc to make the illustrations standout. (Use flow map or chart that is included in Road Map Packet) PROVIDED: You will have white, long paper to create the project. We suggest you create a flow map to help you organize your ideas then write your drafts and type if you have access to a computer. You can adjust the margins so it is similar to the example.


5. Scholastic News- How timely that they sent us an article that explains COVID-19 and Woman's History. Complete the pages attached. There is a combination of note pages, create your own quiz, Timeline, and close reading questions. 

Use this link to find out more about women in art:


6. We included sample journal entries to use in responding to literature you are reading. You can respond in your journal that we are sending home. You can choose which journal entries you would like to respond to. We love to see illustrations of favorites scenes, comics related to scenes that were important, you enjoyed. Please complete 2-3 entries, you can do more if you'd like.



7. Purple Integrity Paper. 


Optional Activities 

8. TED TALKS related to Growth Mindset.

9. TED TALKS related to Math

10. Listen to YouTube/Podcast like:

Fun Kids Science Weekly
Story Pirates
Science Rules with Bill Nye
Crash Course -(History/Science with the Green Brothers)

11. Khan Academy online is a great resource for Math instructional videos

12. National Geographic



We have provided a suggested day schedule. The blocks may be switched. Feel free to email us. We will also upload information on Open Schools website for the cluster. If there extra time you can always read. 



We add more information after the schedule.







Suggested Schedule of Learning




Minutes/ Day

Activity Options





Morning Block





45-60 minutes

Work on a Lemonade War book Road Map Project and read the book. 
Scholastic take notes


10/15 minutes

SNACK, dance break and/or outside time




Middle Block





About 60 minutes

Smarter Balanced Math Assessment Book-
Geometry Packet
ST Math


10/15 minutes

SNACK, dance break and/or outside time




Afternoon Block





45-60 minutes

Writing Prompt
Short Responses to suggested journal prompts, list of possible book projects,
Daily journal on whatever topic they like
Scholastic Activity Sheet
Inquiry-  Social studies. See Kids Discover for Free access
Create a Stop Motion Animation or IMOVIE on the topic.


45/One hour lunch


Science/Art/ Music/Garden/tech coding/history


Great time to use up all those art supplies, science kits, etc. if not see below for suggestions.


Wrap Up/Discussion-

Oral share Time 

15-30 minutes

Suggested Questions:

How are you feeling?

What's something that stood out to you?

What was your favorite activity and why?

One thing that you learned today?

Science Let kids explore with baking soda and water what happens? What if you add these two ingredients in a  water bottle and put a ballon over the top? What happens? Why does this happen? Change the amount of baking soda and vinegar. How do these changes impact the chemical reaction? 

Try mixing common cooking supplies. What happens when you bake a cake but do not add eggs? Next time try it without baking powder? How do each of these ingredients change with the changing ingredients? 

Link to science podcasts



Social Studies- Online Inquiry- Colonial times- what was life like 600 years ago? What challenges did colonists encounter?


Your choice. Go to Kids Discover and read on a topic of your choosing.


Learn about Women in History. Khan Academy has a link to more information. Create  a tree map with your findings.



Art- Access to free museums


Free Operas nightly from the MET


Khan Academy has great resources to math and many other topics.


Scholastic News has free access for kids. Lots of historical links for upper grade students.


Growth Mindset TED TALKS



Kids Discover has free access for the next few months. Lots of amazing historical and scientific articles and units. See below.




My team and I have been closely monitoring the rapid acceleration of confirmed COVID-19 (Coronavirus) cases across the United States. We have been paying close attention to the current and potential implications for schools across the country, particularly around school closures.

To help alleviate the burden schools face when closing, we have decided to offer schools and school districts special access to Kids Discover Online through the end of June, 2020. Schools and/or districts that have closed as a result of COVID-19 will be able to claim access to Kids Discover Online through the end of the school year, at no charge.

It’s important to note that we are offering this at both the school and district level, not at the individual level. We’ve created a landing page and short form with all required information. Please read the directions closely.

Thanks for your attention, and please be safe in the coming weeks and months.




Expiration Date: 
May 20