March 17th (Day 2 of Extended Learning)

Happy Tuesday Everyone, 

We miss everyone and hope that home learning is going well. If anyone has any questions please feel free to email or send a text message on Remind. We will provide a Q and A section on the class website where we will post and answer any questions that you all may have and will be available to help others who may be wondering the same thing. 

Parents, we want you to know that we are here to make this transition to a home learning environment as easy as possible, also keeping in mind that you have your own work from home schedule. We understand that it may take a few days to get into a rhythm with completing assignments. 

We will be working diligently to provide a variety of resources for you to work on with your child(ren). We hope that the resources will be an outlet for both our Blue Cluster students and others as well. We will connect with you through video soon. Be on the lookout for information via Remind or Blue webpage on the Open School website, 

In the meantime, we miss you and look forward to seeing you all very soon!


Expiration Date: 
Jun 30