Week #4: One School, One Book

Our One School, One Book event winds down this week. For week 4, please read Chapters 12-14 (pp.152 - end) of Jacqueline Davies' The Lemonade War.  We hope you have had fun sharing the story with your students.

Our teachers and staff members have created an Audiobook for your convenience.  Here are the links to the different chapters:

Click here for Ch. 1 - 4 Audiobook

Click here for Ch. 5 - 7 Audiobook

Click here for Ch. 8 - 11 Audiobook

Click here for Ch. 12 - 14 Audiobook

For instructions on how to download the audio book, how to get previous chapters, and for more information about this event, click here

Happy Reading! 

Expiration Date: 
Mar 27