Extended Home Learning Day #8

Good Morning Silver Cluster,

As you may know, we will be out of school until at least May.  We are receiving more information from the district and as a staff we are diligently working on how best to serve the needs of our students.  This looks different at every age and grade level. We are committed to our students and we want to ensure access and equity for all.  We are working on what this will look like in Silver Cluster and will update you soon.  Thank you for your patience.  

Today is the 130th day of school.  We receive a visit from Zero the Hero every 10th day of school, but since we are not at school right now Zero can not visit us.  We can, however, still celebrate the number 130! Ask your child if 130 is even or odd, and have them explain why it is even or odd.  You can also challenge them to make a list in their journal of 130 things that have to do with spring like grass, sun, butterflies, etc…  Next week, we hope to have an online platform where students can post their lists so write, write, write! And if your child is unsure of how to spell a word, encourage them to be brave, chunk out the sounds, and try their best! 

We also see that many students are using Epic and as a class we have read over 300 books (302 to be exact)!  WOW! Keep up the great work. We are assigning a book that will read to the children (or you can mute it and your child can read independently) called, Cesar Chavez Latino American Civil Rights Activist, in honor of Cesar Chavez Day next week.  We hope your child enjoys learning about this courageous American hero.  

We want to thank you again for your patience and support as we navigate through this time together.  Every family situation is unique and we understand that each family is experiencing this crisis in a different way.  We are here to support you.

Below you will find questions that we received yesterday from Silver Families.

1.  Are we having parent conferences?  We are not meeting this month as planned.  Please disregard any sign-up genius reminders.  Your child will receive their report cards in April.  As we receive information, we will let you know.  

2.  I am not a teacher.  Is what I am doing at home enough?  You know your child the best and when they are not feeling up to completing work, you have to gauge if it’s because they need a break, or if they are stressed or worried, or if they just want to play.  We encourage you to have plenty of breaks for your child… and yourself. Let’s try to be kind and patient with our families (and ourselves).

3.  Oh no… my child missed the zoom meeting.  Can you schedule another one? We understand that not all families are available to zoom every time we meet.  We will have more opportunities for your child to zoom and connect.

Please continue to reach out to us.  We hope to see your child later this morning for a Read Aloud over zoom (check your email for the invitation code), if they are able. Please let your child know that their teachers miss them. 

Thank you for your support,

Kim and Tina



Expiration Date: 
Jun 12