Weekly Update - February 15, 2021

If your child hasn’t already checked his / her school email, please remind him/her to do so, as we have sent everyone a personalized valentine and we want to be sure it is received.  The email is also where notifications about comments made on work in google classroom are, so it is a good idea to help your child get in the habit of checking it regularly. 

We are coming up quickly on report card / conference time, so please help your child look through any missing assignments and stay on top of current work.  We will be having a pickup on Friday, March 12th to pass out report cards and other materials.  As we get closer to that date we will know more about where and how that will happen, based on whether or not the school building has reopened.  

It’s the last week of the Read-a-thon and we hope to finish strong, with 100% participation in Yellow Cluster.  Please help your child remember to accurately and honestly keep track of his/her minutes and to turn them in via the website.   https://sites.google.com/view/openreads2021   

During art time this week and next, the students will be working on their drawing for the Square One fundraiser.  There are some very specific directions that need to be followed and your child will need this special paper here, along with a pencil, crayons, and a thin black marker.  If you don’t have a printer to print this on, please email Cara Pohle at cara.pohleatgmail.com and she will either set up a time and place for you to pick up the paper or will arrange to mail it to you.  Please do not have your child do anything on this paper independently - it will be done during art zooms.  

We still need some pictures of students using the math manipulative kits to send as a thank you to Donors Choose.  If you are willing to let us send one of your child, please take a picture of him/her using them (once we start fractions, or stage a picture).  The picture doesn’t need to show his/her face - it can be taken from the back - as long as we see kid hands and the manipulatives.  If you have more than one child in Yellow, we would love pictures that include everyone.  Email your pictures to us.

Open School Week:   This year, instead of celebrating for one day, we are going to have a week of activities, from February 22nd through the 26th.  We will be sending out more specific information next week, but we wanted you to have a little time to prepare for one of our activities.  Claire is going to be leading the students in making Irish scones, and we wanted to give you a heads up about the ingredients, in case you needed to add anything to your shopping list.  The recipe is attached here, but the students will need flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, salted butter, milk, an egg, and raisins (optional).  We’re hoping everyone will be able to bake along with Claire, but if that doesn’t work for your family, hopefully you’ll be able to use the recipe in the future. 

Coming up Next Week:

Reading and Social Studies:  We are combining these two this week learning about Langston Hughes and jazz and blues poetry, as well as working on a modern poem activity with the students.  

Writing:  Since many students weren’t ready with a finished flow map last week, we gave them another week to get it done, along with another lesson in how to get the story planned this way.  So this week we will do what we planned to do last week - orally rehearsing our stories.  After Tuesday, students will be revising their flow map based on feedback from their oral rehearsals and writing the first version of their stories.  

Math:  We are continuing to work on fractions and will be learning about fractions on a number line on Friday.  Please help your child make sure to be finishing at least 2-3 of the fraction assignments each week.  Ms. Denise’s multiplication group will be working on multiplying by tens, hundreds, and thousands.  Ms. Lauren will have a work time during her Friday zoom to give students time to get caught up in assignments and her multiplication group will be learning strategies for the 6s and 9s.  In problem solving, we will be working on function tables.

Science:  We will be doing a science experiment building with the index cards that we passed out in our materials pick up in January.  Please help your child find them if they don’t already know where they are.  


Expiration Date: 
Jul 31