Bid Today! Online Blind Auction for Cluster Baskets!

Kudos to our amazing Open School families who always come through! Parents and guardians from each cluster organized stunning packages for us to bid on.

In this Blind Auction you won't see any other bids and there is no incremental bidding - if you win, your indicated max amount is what you will pay. The highest bid for each item is the winner.  To help determine how competitive each package is, we will regularly update the current number of bids.

HOW TO BID - Please read carefully: 

  • Go to the Auction Website to view our selection.
  • Click "place your bid here" to open the bidder form.
  • Enter all the required information and select the package you are bidding on.
  • Enter the maximum amount you're willing to pay for this selection, and click "submit."  (Remember there are no incremental bids, if you win, this will be the amount you pay.)
  • To bid on another package, simply fill out the form again. One form = One Selection.

This auction is all about our students! Every dollar raised helps us stay on track to support their unique and amazing education. When bidding, think of what the value is TO YOU. Our fundraising goal for this auction is $3,500.  So, head over to the Auction Website, and... HAPPY BIDDING! 

Auction closes Sunday, March 14th at 10 p.m.

Expiration Date: 
Mar 15