Weekly Update - March 21, 2021

Thank you, everyone, for another round of wonderful conferences.  We enjoyed seeing everyone and sharing your child’s growth and next steps.

Interim Testing:  On Monday we will be reviewing with the students how to login to the secure browser for the interim testing that will then happen on Tuesday, March 23 (English Language Arts) and Thursday, March 25 (Math), at 10:00 each day.  Please be sure to have whatever device your child will be using for the tests set up, ready to go, with the required browser software installed.  They will also need their SSID numbers, which was in the envelope with their report card.  If your child has a district iPad, you may need to go to the District App Catalog to download the AIR Secure Test app.  Please see the links below for information about other devices. (If the link doesn't work, try copying the address and pasting it into your browser.)

For Macs: 

https://ca-toms-help-qc.ets.org/spring-21-parents-guardians/download-secu re-browser/mac/ 

For Windows: 

https://ca-toms-help-qc.ets.org/spring-21-parents-guardians/download-secu re-browser/windows

For Non-District iPads: 

https://ca-toms-help-qc.ets.org/spring-21-parents-guardians/download-secu re-browser/ipad/ 

Please remind your child that his/her camera must be on for testing.  We recommend that headphones are used, as well, especially as there may be questions that require listening to audio prompts.  The district gave everyone headphones that we passed out at the pickup on Friday if your child doesn’t already have a pair.

If you have already notified Ms. Lew that you are opting your child out of testing, please have him/her come to the zooms as usual on Monday, though we won’t have any of them actually practice logging on.   On Tuesday and Thursday, when we will be doing the actual assessment, students who are being opted out can skip the 10 zoom.

If you would like to see the video we will be showing the students about how to log in to take the tests, here is the link   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EHHAZK0kIM&feature=youtu.be


4th grade parents: As we mentioned to many of you during conferences, we will be starting long division a couple of weeks after Spring Break.  Long division is much, much easier when you have memorized your division facts.  Please encourage your child to practice their division facts during the next few weeks.  How much to practice depends on how well your child already knows the facts.  We have put a bunch of picture reveals in google classroom for facts practice, but any kind of practice will work, from flashcards to games you can find online, or just quizzing your child for 5-10 minutes a day.  We will be adding links to games and other things over the next week or so.

Coming Up Next Week:

Friday is a holiday - Cesar Chavez Day.  Please enjoy your Spring Break!

Monday: Ms. Denise’s math zoom will be the time we practice logging in to the secure browser.  Once we’ve done that, we’re going to play a baamboozle.  Ms. Lauren’s zoom will be exploring Tangrams while she meets with the students about their poem for Open Thoughts.

Reading Workshop:  On Tuesday and Thursday, as mentioned above, we will be using our Reading Workshop time to do the Interim Assessments.  On Wednesday we will start our next Scholastic News (unless we are able to access a recording of a Dav Pilkey webinar, then we will share that instead).  We are also continuing our March Book Madness work, where the students are expressing their opinions about picture books we have read this year and then voting on their favorite.  By the end of the week, we should be down to our Elite Eight.  As we progress, this work will become writing opinion paragraphs to support their thinking about the books.

Writing Workshop:  During our normal writing time, we will host a special guest, thanks to Jojo’s mom.  A member of the Mechoopda tribe will be speaking with our class about her work around traditional ecological knowledge.  We are very excited about this visit!  Please encourage your child to continue to work on revising his/her story based on teacher and peer feedback, and making sure to add dialogue.

Math: Ms. Lauren’s multiplication groups will be playing some multiplication games using their multiplication facts.  The goal is that they have their facts memorized by the end of the year.  Ms. Denise’s group will continue to practice methods of 2 and 3 digit by 2 digit multiplication, focusing on making sure everyone understands the lattice method and then introducing the place value method as well.  Both of these methods will be practiced on the papers handed out at the last pickup, so please help your child remember to have those at the zoom.

Social Studies:  We will be finishing up our Black History / poetry unit.

Science: We will continue our structure science unit by exploring columns.

Expiration Date: 
Jul 31