Why I Serve on Governing Council - Damani Mangum

Don’t make the same mistake I made!

You’re not too new to the school. You will have enough time. You’re not out of your league. You will be heard. You do have something to offer. You can do this.

Run for Governing Council now. Don’t wait like I did. 

My family joined the Open family eight whole years before I ran for GC at the urging of a friend. I wanted to give back to the school before my son culminated, so I offered a hand during the pandemic, and found a genuine community of caring. I was touched to see parents and teachers team up to push through the procedural and rise to meet the unprecedented with creativity, kindness and respect. It is an honor and a pleasure to serve such a generous community. But I wish I had more time. 

Get involved now. Open needs you.

Expiration Date: 
Apr 16