Weekly Update - March 28, 2021

Happy Spring Break Week everyone!

We just wanted to tell you about a couple of things happening when we get back.  

We are going to have a pickup on Friday, April 9th from 3 - 4 so that everyone can get their One School, One Book book, along with some things that are needed for the activities we will be doing with the book.  The reveal for what book we will be reading will be started at the Monday assembly on April 5th and will conclude during our morning meeting that day, so we hope everyone comes to the assembly!  If you can’t make it to the pickup, please let us know so that we can have your child’s materials waiting in the office for when you can get there.  We will begin reading on April 12, so the students will need the books by then.

We also have two upcoming author visits - Jon Klassen and Meg Medina!  Specific details about zoom log in etc will come closer to those days, but we wanted to be sure you had the opportunity to order signed books ahead of time. 

Jon Klassen will be on April 14 at 10:30.  He rarely does author events, so we are very excited to be a part of this one.  He will be celebrating the debut of his new book, The Rock From the Sky.  That book, as well as the books from his Hat series (I Want My Hat Back, This is Not My Hat, We Found a Hat), Sam and Dave Dig a Hole, The Wolf, the The Duck and the Mouse, and the shape series (Circle, Square, Triangle) are all available to be purchased as signed copies using the link below.  These are all very popular picture books that also give readers a lot to think about.


Then a week later, on April 22nd at 10:30, we have Meg Medina, who will be sharing her Newberry Award-winning book Merci Suarez Changes Gears and it’s newly published sequel, Merci Suarez Can’t Dance.  As this will also be our first day back in person, it’s going to be an exciting day!  We will be zooming this event so that everyone, no matter where they are at 10:30 will be able to be a part of it.  The first book (as you can tell by the award) is highly recommended and we’re thrilled to be able to be a part of this visit as well.  Both books are available to be ordered with the link below.


We have not been given an ordering deadline for these books, but are assuming the window for ordering will close right around the time of the visits.  Once we know more, we will let you know.  You can choose to have the books sent to your house, or pick them up at Children’s Book World (an absolutely wonderful bookstore, if you have never been there), or choose to  pick them up from school. Just so you know, the last choice might take the longest, as Ms. Denise goes to the bookstore and picks them up for everyone who makes that choice and then brings them to school for distribution, and depending on timing, she might wait and pick both sets of books up together.  We appreciate your support of the author visits, as it is your purchases that make them happen!

Denise and Lauren

Expiration Date: 
Apr 30