After School

Open School offers two main options for daily after school care.

  • Youth Services, part of LAUSD's BEYOND THE BELL branch, provides free, unstructured, supervised care on the yard from dismissal until 6:00pm daily.
  • STAR, which is a fee-based, structured after school program from dismissal until 6:00pm daily.  Space is limited.  Learn More.
  • String Classes for all levels available through Mr. Adkins.  Please check with him for more information.
  • Chess Tutors open to all levels of learning
  • SQUEAK computer programming class led by BJ Conn, former Blue Cluster Teacher
  • Yoga for all ages taught by Christie Savitt, Open School Parent

In addition, Open School offers various fee-based after school classes.  There are usually three eight-week sessions per year, with most classes meeting for one hour once a week.  Some classes are offered every session, others just once a year.  Some of these classes are led by the enrichment specialists who teach at Open during the regular school day.  STAR also offers some classes that are open to students not enrolled in their full or part-time programs.

After school options are in addition to and separate from Open's curricula, and they occur outside the regular school day.  See the Enrichment page to learn more about the enrichment programs that integrate with classroom work during the regular school day.

Additional information about after school options is coming soon.  Information will also be provided at the Back-to-School Picnic and during the First Day of School Parent Orientation.

Current news and upcoming calendar entries related to after school options appear below.

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After School Chess Tutors (Article)

Submitted by Peggy Lew on Jan 10 (last updated Jan 11)

Chess Tutors is starting Session #3 on Tuesday, January 30th and will continue until March 20th.

Chess raises test scores
Heightens cognition
Enhances mental discipline
Stimulates creative & analytical brain activity
Supports & enhances intellectual endeavors

STAR Nova Session #3 (Article)

Submitted by Peggy Lew on Jan 8 (last updated Jan 9)

STAR's Nova Session 3 will begin the week of Monday, January 29, 2018. We will be offering:

  • Idea Lab: Brick Lab - Hop on the Magic School STAR Bus
  • Engineering: Life Hacks
  • RockStar: I Wanna Rock
  • Culinary Arts: Winter Comfort Food
  • Yoga & Chocolate
  • Homework Club

Click to see the STAR Nova Session 3 Schedule and look for their brochure in your child's backpack.

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