Green Cluster (Grades K-1)

Welcome to (Green Cluster) from Cathy Furer and Christine Nagatsuka

The Green Cluster Theme:   “Who Am I? Discovering Myself And My World.”

The curriculum focuses on self-discovery and how we are connected to the world around us. During the first part of the year the children begin learning about themselves, their senses, and their bodies. Later we expand this to include their families, their culture, and other cultures of the world community. We end the year by learning about the environment and how we influence and are influenced by it.

As children develop beginning reading skills, math awareness, and problem solving skills, they also develop as learners and friends. Green Cluster emphasizes group cooperation and individual responsibility towards the group. Green Cluster’s activity-based program has many options from which children can choose, encouraging them to become independent, life-long learners. Our emphasis is on early literacy, using a variety of approaches to guide and inspire children to develop a love of reading and learning.

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Growing With Green - September 25, 2017 (Article)

Submitted by Green Teacher on Sep 25 (last updated Sep 25)

 We have been reading up a storm!  All of the children worked in homogeneous groups using the Wright Group series, literature, and/ or phonics readers. We are learning to use our book as a resource to complete follow-ups to what we have read.  They are reading to their friends for additional practice. 

Growing With Green - September 18, 2017 (Article)

Submitted by Green Teacher on Sep 18 (last updated Sep 18)

Last week we completed our “apple” activities.  We analyzed the data on the apple graph and the students came up with some interesting observations.  We learned about how apples grow and completed our apple booklets.  In Math, Mr. Boze has been teaching the children how to log on to ST Math with their passwords.  Almost all of the children already know their beginning passwords, and the rest of the class will learn them this week. This week we will be working on the AAB pattern. We extended our sorting activities by sorting ourselves and a collection of buttons. 

Growing With Green - September 11, 2017 (Article)

Submitted by Green Teacher on Sep 11 (last updated Sep 11)

Last week, we learned about how apples grow, other facts and created a little booklet. On Friday, we juiced all of the apples and enjoyed a glass of fresh apple juice. This week we are continuing our “apple” activities.  We will make a class “Apple Graph”  with the varieties of apples that the students brought in.  

Growing With Green - September 5, 2017 (Article)

Submitted by Green Teacher on Sep 5 (last updated Sep 5)

We enjoyed seeing so many of you at Back To School Night on Tuesday.  We hope that you are excited about the upcoming year and that we were able to answer any questions that you may have had.

 Last week we all received our utility boxes with supplies and our own labeled bins.  We also began handwriting to learn how to correctly form our letters and we learned how to correctly hold our pencils using an orthopedic grip.  We say, “Put your thumb on the star and pinch.”

Growing With Green - August 21, 2017 (Article)

Submitted by Green Teacher on Aug 23 (last updated Aug 23)

Welcome to our new and returning parents.  We had such a busy and productive first week of school.  We spent last week getting to know your children through activities and assessments.  We are are in the process of assessing your children in handwriting, fine motor skills, phonemic awareness and reading skills.  We went on a Bear Hunt in order to introduce the different areas of our school campus.  We all had so much fun. 

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