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Have you seen a look of wonder and awe on your child’s face recently? When children have the freedom to explore, these expressions come naturally, as do teaching and learning opportunities.  Wonder surrounds us everywhere! In Indigo Cluster, our theme is Wonder and Exploration.

Our Earth Year takes us on a student-led journey wondering and exploring Mother Earth.  Students will learn about the diverse life forms that inhabit this planet, and study them from a multitude of perspectives.  And what about going beyond our world to our universe? In our alternate Space Year, children are intrigued about space and their natural curiosity leads them to explore far beyond our planet.

Indigo's thematic curriculum is developed around student interests and wonderings, which may lead to scientific explorations in geology, botany, zoology, archaeology, paleontology, physics, magnetism, astronomy, and engineering.  Students venture to discover new ways to interact and problem solve by exploring long ago, today, and looking forward to the future.   Indigo Students also wonder and explore about people who make a difference, the amazing contributions they have made, and their impact on the world.  

The Engineering Design Process is an integral part of student learning and exploration. The process begins with a wondering.  It involves asking a question or defining the problem, brainstorming solutions, and then accessing and using information as well as acquired knowledge to develop a solution.  Using project based learning, they are challenged to apply this knowledge in new and useful ways using an invent to learn model.  Students create, build, and test their solutions and are not afraid to fail.  They work, often cooperatively, to revise approaches and try again to improve their outcome. The Engineering Design process is not only used and applied in science but is an approach to teaching and leaning integrated throughout Indigo’s curriculum and encouraged in daily life.  Technology is fully integrated into several steps of this process as a tool of exploration, application, and creative presentation of knowledge.

We are excited each time a child discovers something for the first time!  We encourage them to take risks, push the limits, and explore our world a little further. We strive to provide opportunities for students to explore actively, interact, and communicate with others thoughtfully, and feed a child’s inquisitive nature.   Indigo Cluster is a child-centered community of learners using a variety of strategies and methodologies to meet the needs of our diverse learners.  Children are empowered to share and expand their thinking, while diverse perspectives and strategies are honored. 

Imagine the possibilities when a child is allowed to explore and construct knowledge through their experiences and interests. We provide a hands-on, project based, thematic experience that allows children to touch, hold, move and experience to construct foundational knowledge.   Technology and the arts are fully integrated daily and embedded throughout projects. 

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Week of May 11-15 (Article)

Submitted by Indigo Teacher on May 10 (last updated May 10)

Hello Indigo Families!

First of all, Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing and unbelievably supportive moms out there!! We hope you take today to rest and you are showered with love and affection even on this quarantined mother's day! Hint, hint to those non-mother's reading this ; ) 

Important Info and Updates: Week of May 4th (Article)

Submitted by Indigo Teacher on May 3 (last updated May 3)

Hello Inspiring Indigo Cluster Families!

Clarification on Spacecraft drawing (Article)

Submitted by Indigo Teacher on Apr 30 (last updated May 1)

Hi all,

I decided to communicate with all of you at once because I was getting quite a few photographs of drawings that were not Open Thoughts ready and it was a lot of back and forth communication. If you submitted your child's already, and I responded "Got it", then thank you, there is no need to read further! Otherwise, in the interest of my time returning and typing similar clarifying directions and in the interest of your and your child's time too, I cut and paste the directions from Seesaw under activity name, Open Thoughts Art Work :

Reminders and Updates (Article)

Submitted by Indigo Teacher on Apr 26 (last updated Apr 26)

Hello Indigo Families!

This email is to close out last week and usher in the new week with a few updates and additions. This will be a lengthy email. It is chunked by topic, but read to the end! : )


Updates and Important Events to Come (Article)

Submitted by Indigo Teacher on Apr 16 (last updated Apr 16)

Hello Inspiring Indigo Families,

It feels odd to be communicating with you here as we have transitioned over to the Class Dojo platform and this provides for such a steady stream of communication. There are several important things we need to share with you and in the interest of keeping the daily Class Story post a short sound bite of information for what lie ahead, we have opted for our trusty Mailchimp and website distribution. This email will be lengthy. It contains important information for this week and next. PLEASE READ ALL THE WAY TO THE END.

ClassDojo and Seesaw Update (Article)

Submitted by Indigo Teacher on Apr 11 (last updated Apr 11)

Hi Everyone!

    We surely hope you have been enjoying your Spring Break and that is going well for you and your families.  We miss you all so much and while this was our break, we have been busy planning the many fun ways we will be engaging your child beginning next week.

Daily Update: Thursday, April 2, 2020 (Article)

Submitted by Indigo Teacher on Apr 2 (last updated Apr 2)

Hello Supportive Indigo Families, Hello Terrific Thursday, and Hello Day before Spring Break!

To begin with..... This Rainbow Award is presented to..... YOU for doing a fantastic job standing in the gap, keeping up with all of the components necessary to successfully facilitate school at home, and supporting your child in innumerable ways!!   : ) 

Today is our specialist filled day with Coach, Art, and Music. Check previous emails or the Open School website for suggested activities posted by Ms. Cass from our wonderful specialsits.

Fry Packet Check-in (Article)

Submitted by Indigo Teacher on Apr 1 (last updated Apr 1)

Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to get a quick check-in as to where everyone is working with regards to their Fry Packets.  Please fill out this quick survey as soon as you can as I plan to send more packets home.....just want to make sure I start in the right place as these are individualized.

Thanks so very much!

Daily Update: Wednesday, April 1, 2020 (Article)

Submitted by Indigo Teacher on Apr 1 (last updated Apr 2)

Hello Indigo Families,

We wanted to let you know that due to unforeseen circumstances, Indigo teachers will not be available anymore and all online learning is 100% up to you.... Oh, it's APRIL FOOLS DAY and you might be saying that is not a funny joke! My funny clever brain hasn't turned on yet so that's all I've go Lol. Play some funny pranks on your kids today. Make some laughable memories where ever you can.

Daily Update: Tuesday, March 31, 2020 (Article)

Submitted by Indigo Teacher on Mar 31 (last updated Mar 31)

Good morning!

Daily Update: Monday, March 30, 2020 (Article)

Submitted by Indigo Teacher on Mar 30 (last updated Mar 30)

Good morning Indigo Cluster Families,

Daily Update: Friday, March 27, 2020 (Article)

Submitted by Indigo Teacher on Mar 26 (last updated Mar 27)

Hello Indigo Families,

Daily Update: Wednesday, March 26, 2020 (Article)

Submitted by Indigo Teacher on Mar 26 (last updated Mar 26)

Good morning all,

Just a reminder that we have a Zoom meeting scheduled for today at 9:30 am. Remember to bring your planet research and your brave voice to share with us. See the email invitation sent last night for call in information.

Today is our super fun Thursday schedule! Some great resources are being offered by our specialists and sent by Ms. Cass in her Supporting One Another: Remote Learning emails for this week. Check them out and enjoy P.E. with Coach Jolyene, Art with Ms. Nichole, and Music with Mr. Cline. 

Daily Update: March 25, 2020 (Article)

Submitted by Indigo Teacher on Mar 24 (last updated Mar 25)

Hello Awesome Indigo Families,

Daily Update: March 24, 2020 Revised (Article)

Submitted by Indigo Teacher on Mar 24 (last updated Mar 24)

Good morning Indigo Families,

Daily Update: March 24, 2020 (Article)

Submitted by Indigo Teacher on Mar 24 (last updated Mar 24)

Good morning Indigo Families,

Math Zoom Review/Support (Article)

Submitted by Indigo Teacher on Mar 23 (last updated Mar 24)

Good evening Indigo families,

Daily Update: March 23, 2020 (Article)

Submitted by Indigo Teacher on Mar 23 (last updated Mar 23)

Hello Indigo Cluster Families,

Welcome to Week 2 of Remote Learning. With week 1 under your belt, we hope that you have settled into a routine that is more manageable and productive. We know Week 1 involved some hiccups, bumps, and even some right punches as we all work through this unchartered territory together. Remember, we are in this together.

Indigo Cluster Virtual Meeting Invitation (Article)

Submitted by Indigo Teacher on Mar 19 (last updated Mar 19)

Ms. Messaye and Ms. Regina  is inviting Indigo Cluster Students to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Indigo Cluster Week 1 Check-In
Time: Mar 20, 2020 10:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 908 770 562

One tap mobile
,,908770562# US Toll

Dial by your location
         US Toll
Meeting ID: 908 770 562
Find your local number:

Daily Update: March 19,2020 (Article)

Submitted by Indigo Teacher on Mar 19 (last updated Mar 19)

Happy First Day of Spring Indigo Families and Happy Thursday!

As you know, we start the day on Thursdays with our community gathering for assembly. Can I suggest that today, you acknowledge your child for a specific thing that he/she/they has done this week that has been helpful, creative, shown perseverance, or whatever you'd like . We always find increased pride and cooperation follows such acknowledgements whether in front of the whole school or one on one.   

Indigo Cluster Daily News Wednesday, March 18, 2020 (Article)

Submitted by Indigo Teacher on Mar 18 (last updated Mar 18)

Good Morning Indigo Families!

    How was Day 2 of Remote Learning?  We hope you are all doing well and that your child is beginning to adapt to week 1 of our at home learning program.  We trust you all received the emails yesterday (there were 3 of them) and that you found them helpful in helping to facilitate your child’s learning. Honestly, it helps to have the sun out for everyone to enjoy. Take some time to enjoy the blue skies and sunshine today!  

Today’s Highlights:

Delayed Email (Article)

Submitted by Indigo Teacher on Mar 14 (last updated Mar 14)

Indigo Families,

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