Most of the Governing Council's work is accomplished in standing and ad-hoc committees. As members of our school community, you do not need to be elected members of the Governing Council in order to participate as committee co-chairs and/or members. We invite you to read more about our Governing Council committees using the menu links to the left to see where you can lend your energy, ideas and expertise.

Committees are co-chaired by at least one parent and one teacher or staff member. You can volunteer to chair a committee by contacting the current chair or Governing Council President at the beginning of each school year. The process of selecting parent chairs is informal and led by the current committee chairs, based on expressed individual interest and experience with the committee, then ratified by the Governing Council.  A great way to start is by joining a committee, which you can do by contacting a committee chair (see each left sidebar). You can also use the online volunteer form to express interest in helping committees.

Committee meetings are announced by emails and via the website calendar.  Committees meet on campus, and some chairs also arrange teleconferences for those not able to be on site.

Please join us in working on committees to ensure that all of our students receive the highest quality educational experience possible.

There’s a committee that needs YOU!

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January 27th: Community Building & Parent/Guardian Ed Committee Meeting (Article)

Submitted by Ann Kaatz on Jan 21 (last updated Jan 21)

Open School's Community Building & Parent/Guardian Education Committee organizes events and activities for the school community.  We welcome parent and staff participation in the planning process.  Please join us in our Committee meeting on Wednesday, January 27th from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. to discuss events and activities for the remaining school year.

January 27th After School Fun: Hang Out (Article)

Submitted by Shazneen Gandhi on Jan 12 (last updated Jan 22)

New year, new friends? Come meet some new friends and hang out with the After School Fun crew.

To join, enter through Schoology and click on the After School Fun course. K-2 will meet from 2:30-3:00 & grades 3-5 will meet from 3:00- 3:30.


Help Your Child with Online Learning (Article)

Submitted by Ann Kaatz on Dec 16 (last updated Dec 17)

LAUSD's Division of Adult and Career Education is offering free Family Success Initiative classes to provide parents and guardians with targeted support to assist with online learning. This course will guide L.A. Unified families through successful strategies for learning at home. Parents who complete all competencies will receive a certificate of completion.

Social-Emotional Well-Being Tips and Resources (Article)

Submitted by Ann Kaatz on Dec 16 (last updated Dec 17)

LAUSD's Westchester Community of Schools has collected tips and resources to help support your family's Social-Emotional Well-being.  You can find strategies and tools to help you develop skills in growth mindset, self-management, self-efficacy, and social awareness, as well as links to LAUSD support resources.

Borrow Books From Open's Library! (Article)

Submitted by Shazneen Gandhi on Oct 29 (last updated Nov 5)

Students can now borrow books from the Open School Library.

Begin by having your student log in to Schoology. Then use the steps in this document to get to the Library Catalog in one click. Teachers will make this document accessible to students.

How to Stay Informed: MailChimp, Facebook, Website (Article)

Submitted by Peggy Lew on Aug 20 (last updated Oct 17)

Over the last couple of years, our Communication Committee has been steadily working to improve home-school communication.  We have three ways of keeping you informed: