"Signature Fundraising" Gift Wrap Drive

This is an annual fundraiser whereby parents, friends, and family members can order gift wraps, bags, gift tags, candles, magazines, kitchen gadgets, and chocolates.  50% of total sales will be donated back to our school.  Items are can be viewed and ordered at the Signature Fundraising Store.  Be sure to enter "Open Magnet Charter School" and the "Name of the Student" so we all get credit!  

Also, you can order with the paper catalog that will be distributed to the children in late September.  Children receive points for all sales that are credited under their name and can redeem them for prizes at the end of the fundraiser.  Orders will be delivered and distributed before the holidays so simplify your life and get your gift wrap and holiday accessories early and support our school!

Chair: ablue1atpacbell.net (subject: Gift%20Wrap%20Drive) (April Blue)

Date: September 26 - October 10, 2014

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