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Welcome to Open Magnet Charter School

Open Magnet Charter is an Affiliated-Charter and Magnet Elementary School (K-5) in the Los Angeles Unified School District.  We are conveniently located near the 405 Freeway in the City of Los Angeles adjacent to the community of Westchester.

Like an oasis away from the busy city, Open students, parents, and staff come together to build a true learning community where students learn through meaningful experiences. Teams of two teachers sharing the same “cluster” of multi-age students design the instructional program to create a thematic project-based curriculum.  Enrichment programs covering visual arts, vocal arts, orchestra, physical education, and gardening are also integrated.  With its constructivist approach to teaching and a dedicated and diverse school community, Open is one of the most unique schools in the district.

Our goal is to inspire and support our students’ love of learning, thereby enabling them to master the skills they will need as lifelong learners and responsible citizens in our ever-changing society.

Information about upcoming tours will be available on our website usually in October. Applicants MUST be residents of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) at the time of application in order to participate in the LAUSD Magnet Program. Click here on how to apply to Open Magnet Charter.


Due to our school closure, please contact us at  if you have questions regarding your child's enrollment application or if you have wait list questions.

Thank you for your patience, as we usually experience a high volume of questions during this period.  We will try to reply as soon as possible.

Note that the application window has closed for the 2020-21 school year.  The next opportunity to apply will be in the Fall 2020 for the 2021-22 school year.


Open Magnet Charter has been designated as a California Distinguished School in 1997, 2003, and just recently in 2012.

California Distinguished School

"[These Schools] demonstrate the incredible commitment of California's teachers, administrators and school employees to provide a world-class education to every student, in spite of the financial hardships facing our state and our schools. Their dedication is inspiring, and I applaud and admire their passion and persistence."
--State Superintendent Tom Torlakson

In 2001, we were one of three schools chosen in the county of Los Angeles to be the recipient of the Los Angeles Educational Partnership Excellence Award. The LAEP Excellence Awards highlight the accomplishments of teachers, schools and school-communities in the Los Angeles Unified School District that have enhanced student learning and achievement in pre-K through 12th grade.

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Supporting One Another: Remote Learning for 3/26/2020 (Article)

Submitted by Antoinette Cass on Mar 25 (last updated Mar 25)

Dear Open School Families:

So many resources have been shared with you with in a short amount of time, I wanted to make sure you had some of the key ones again.

LAUSD Grab & Go Meals Centers

Grab and Go Food Sites are at the following ESC West Locations from 7am-11am daily. Please note the hours have been extended for food pick up:

Audubon MS, Bernstein HS, Bret Harte Prep MS, Cochran MS, Dorsey HS, Fairfax HS, Marina Del Rey MS, Muir MS, Palms MS, University MS & Washington Prep HS

Free Internet and Wi-Fi Resources for Students:

Spectrum internet is offering free internet for 60 days.

For free wifi call: (844) 488-8395


Story Time on YouTube with Ms. Pam (School Librarian) for Thursday, 3/26/2020:

Augustus and His Smile by Catherine Rayner

After the Fall by Dan Santat


Supporting One Another: Remote Learning for 3/25/2020 (Article)

Submitted by Antoinette Cass on Mar 24 (last updated Mar 24)

Hello Open School Families, 

Switching to online learning has its difficulties, we are learning that, no doubt. It also has its philosophical differences, as well. When we sift through all of this, the one thing we can all most likely agree on is we are all doing our best, given these mountainous circumstances. As we continue to cultivate our loving and supportive Open School community, please read this blog by Brene' Brown that shares both the teacher and parent perspective in these new times.  As we all sort out the kinks, we will surely be patient with one another. 


Here's a fun idea for Wednesday, 3/25/2020:


The art I am suggesting should be enjoyable for all. Everything can be done simply with scrap paper and pencil or you can use supplies you have around the house.

Be creative and have fun! 

This lesson's artist to be inspired by: Georgia O'Keeffe

Watch this video about Georgia O'Keeffe

Nature was the true source of Georgia O'Keeffe's art. Growing up in a small town in Wisconsin she was surrounded by nature. She loved how nature made her feel, calm and intuitive. When she lived in New York City she felt as though everyone was so busy and never stopped to look at the flowers so she started painting them really big and close up and it did get people's attention! “FILL A SPACE IN A BEAUTIFUL WAY” is how she approached her art.


paper, pencil, colored pencil, paint

Take a look at nature, in your yard, from your window or an indoor plant. Look at a plant, leaf, flower, tree up close and draw what you see. Pay attention to detail, like the veins of a leaf or the shape of a  petal of a flower, the shadows, and colors created by the plant. THINK BIG and follow the shapes of the plant.

Does this have to be realistic? No! 

Georgia O'Keeffe is my favorite artist because she truly had her own style. Make your art your own. 
Art is as much about seeing as it is feeling. 

Let's fill our papers in OUR OWN beautiful way!


Extend School Closure: Still Supporting One Another (Article)

Submitted by Antoinette Cass on Mar 23 (last updated Mar 23)

Hi Open School Families,

By now you know that the school closure has been extended until at least May 1, 2020. The teachers and I are having our third faculty meeting (since the closure) tomorrow morning at 10am to discuss next steps for Open. We are in the midst of rolling out a system that we hope will be feasible for all families. You will hear our plan soon. Please have your child continue to work on the two-week plan that was sent home initially and continue to check all correspondences from your cluster teachers. In the meantime, if you are in need of a school issued device (laptop), please let us know immediately. We are aware that most families have devices, however under these extenuating circumstances, if using a school device would make life a little easier, please reach out, we are here to help.

Please send the email to immediately. We want to have all devices to our students by this Thursday, 3/26.

Here are some fun PE and Art ideas for Tuesday, 3/24 :


Try some of these activities to get your bodies moving.


Parents and students,

The art I am suggesting should be enjoyable for all. Everything can be done simply with scrap paper and pencil or you can use supplies you have around the house.

Be creative and have fun! 

TEXTURE is 1 of 7 elements of art 

our sense of touch or feeling of a piece of art is created by using or making texture with the art piece

Watch this video about texture


the way something feels

sea urchin, hedgehog, pineapple, cactus=SPIKY

clay, chocolate, honey, mud, eggs=GOOEY

metal, ribbon, jewelry, disco ball=SHINY

Take the time to really notice the textures around you. 

The smooth leather of a chair, the coarse grains of the carpet, and the 

fluffy softness of the clouds in the sky all bring feelings.


pencil and paper can add color if you want
Think of or look at an object and how it feels, for example, a rock, is it smooth or bumpy? 
Then draw that rock with the texture you want it to have. If it is smooth it should have long soft lines if it is bumpy it could have short choppy lines.

Texture rubbings

place a paper over an object and rub, with either a pencil or the side of a crayon, back and forth. Floor tile, a piece of wood, the bottom of you sneaker, pineapple skin are all good places to start.


Support One Another- Remote Learning for 3/23/2020 (Article)

Submitted by Antoinette Cass on Mar 22 (last updated Mar 22)

Hello Open School Families,

I hope everyone is well and that you are all taking advantage of this slower pace.

Tomorrow morning, Monday, March 23 @ 11am, Superintendent Beutner will have a press conference on KLCS-TV and online. Please tune in for additional information about the next steps for LAUSD. The teachers, staff and I will be tuned in as well. After these much awaited announcements, we will share additional information that is specific to Open School, as soon as possible.

As for extra-curricular ideas for Monday, 3/23/20, here are some fun musical suggestions from Mr. Cline:​
Music-at-Home by Mr. Cline
Starting this week, Mr. Cline will be adding daily content to his website to engage students and introduce them to important and influential musicians. There will be one musician highlighted over the course of every week. And, each day's post will include at least one song and one video, as well as a daily activity:
Day 1 - A story
Day 2 - Fun facts
Day 3 - A worksheet or other at-home activity
Day 4 - A fun quiz or game
Day 5 - Bonus materials!
This week is "5 Days of Mozart". Bookmark this page and check back each day for new and exciting activities to help your child learn about this incredible childhood composer!

In partnership,


Place A Bid on the Online Auction Before It Ends on Monday! (Article)

Submitted by Peggy Lew on Mar 21 (last updated Mar 26)

Check out what's available at Open's Online Auction before it ends on this Monday, March 30th! Mobile users, please use this link

You will find a variety of GIFT CARDS to:

  • Restaurants and eateries
  • Summer camps
  • Hair, nail and spa services
  • Specialized lessons and other unique services

We are still accepting donated items and adding new items daily! Use this auction letter and donation form to donate a listing or solicit a donation from your favorite vendors! Please (email Jamie Shwartz) if you have questions or need assistance.  

Our annual online auction raises funds for our art, music, PE and garden programs.  We value your support! 

Inspiring Learning -- How can you get involved? (Article)

Submitted by Antoinette Cass on Mar 20 (last updated Mar 22)

Hi Open School Families,

Last night we sent an article celebrating the learning that is happening at home and connecting back to school. Here is one more home-school connection that is a testament to the curiosity of children and the beauty of Open School.

Need some hand sanitizer? Amiyah (Orange) and Ariyana A. (Silver) will show you how. Click here to learn.


If you are interested in sparking the young minds of students and having a voice in the educational lives of our students then RUN FOR GOVERNING COUNCIL for the 2020/21 School Year. Please click here to download a nomination form. Fill it out and return it by April 15, 2020. All forms are due to Denise Benjamin at

Supporting One Another: Remote Learning for 3/20/2020 (Article)

Submitted by Antoinette Cass on Mar 19 (last updated Mar 22)

Fun suggestions for Friday, 3/20/2020:


Parents and kids alike, take some time out to enjoy some partner yoga with a family member. 

Yoga for Kids and Partner Yoga Workout


Parents and students,

The art I am suggesting should be enjoyable for all. Everything can be done simply with scrap paper and pencil or you can use supplies you have around the house.

Be creative and have fun! 

THE COLOR WHEEL: Watch this video about the color wheel

We have talked a lot about the color wheel at school so you probably remember this.
Primary Colors: Colors at their basic essence; those colors that cannot be created by mixing others. 
Secondary Colors: Those colors created by a mixture of two primaries.
Complementary Colors: Those colors located opposite each other on a color wheel.
Warm colors: RED, ORANGE, YELLOW
Cool colors: GREEN, BLUE, PURPLE

PROJECT 1: Collect things around your house that represent the six (R,O,Y,G,B,P) colors of a basic color wheel and arrange them in a circle. Toys, clothing, cups, blankets for example.


Let's combine our One School One Book The Lemonade War and art. Think of flavors for the six (R,O,Y,G,B,P) colors of a basic color wheel to add to the lemonade. Like strawberry or cherry for red, pineapple for yellow maybe something weird like broccoli for green!

Draw a glass with a lemon slice and the new ingredient then color the glass with crayon and or marker then arrange the glasses in a color wheel/circle.

Examples of famous paintings: 

In partnership,


Supporting One Another: Remote Learning for 3/19/2020 (Article)

Submitted by Antoinette Cass on Mar 18 (last updated Mar 18)

Hello Open School Families,

Thank you so much for all of the positive feedback. So many families have found ways to let us know their family's particular experiences, both joys and trials with this two-week time away from school. No matter the experience, we have a strong partnership, patience and gratitude to get us through. 

Obviously, we are all glued to the news and interested in how this whole pandemic and altered daily routine will unfold. Only time will tell. As for now, we are committed to our initial plan of sending two weeks worth of work home for our students, with a combination of paper packets and online learning. With our commitment to supporting families with learning-at-home, we will communicate through regular emails and other forms of communication. 

For now, this is our plan. However, our plan is flexible and fluid, as is life during this pandemic. Should the need arise for a plan that extends longer than two weeks, we will share with you our school-wide roll out of any new additions to what we are currently doing. We thank you immensely for standing in our place during this crisis and we do not take your efforts for granted. 

Grab and Go Food Sites are at the following ESC West Locations from 7am-10am daily:

Audubon MS
Bernstein HS
Bret Harte Prep MS
Cochran MS
Dorsey HS
Fairfax HS
Marina Del Rey MS
Muir MS
Palms MS
University MS
Washington Prep HS

Here are a few extra-curricular ideas for Thursday, March 19, 2020:

Music-at-Home by Mr. Cline:
Mr. Cline has been working to create and compile some very exciting resources for continued music learning in the home.Right now, the best way to tap into resources already available is to visit his website:
Feel free to browse the site and find some fun musical inspiration (such as recordings and videos), music exercises for practice, how-to's and recommendations for getting better set up for music learning at home, and more.
In particular, you will see pages on how to continue two of the main music activities students have begun in the classroom this year: Music Karate (3rd-5th grades) and One Pitch at a Time (K-2nd grades). 

He is also in the process of compiling one single resource page with at-home music learning resources for all Open School students. You are encouraged to bookmark this link and check back daily for more engaging resources.

Garden Activities by Mismak:

Click here for some fun indoor garden activities. You might even want to do them outside. Happy Gardening!

In partnership,


Supporting One Another: Remote Learning for 3/18/2020 (Article)

Submitted by Antoinette Cass on Mar 17 (last updated Mar 17)

Dear Open School Families,

Kudos on a second day of school-at-home. We all know how challenging all of this is and we are facing it with grace. Please be aware, our teachers are currently available via email to answer any of your concerns. We will all make sure to get back to each of you in a timely manner. As time progresses, we will keep you updated as to additional forms of communication that we might implement.

We know that many families have shared that the work can be overwhelming.  The home-school communication is not meant to put more on your plate. Rather, we want to give you resources to support this new learning experience. Please know, if it’s too overwhelming, we are only giving meaningful suggestions. Again, what we share is not meant to cause undue stress, rather to communicate some ideas.  Please do what works for your child and your family’s schedule. As we give suggestions, please know reading, writing, and math are the basic requirements. We understand that every family situation is unique and we are here to support you.

If you have individual needs or concerns, please do not hesitate to email.

Ideas to Incorporate – March 18, 2020

Calendar of writing prompts for the month of March

Do you want your child to write, but they don’t know what to write about?

Here is a calendar of writing ideas, topics and questions. Click here and possibly print or save this so that you have a different writing prompt daily.

Also, please remember that the Grab and Go Food Centers will open tomorrow morning. They will be open M-F, 7am-10am. All children ages 1-18 can pick up two meals per day. Log onto LAUSD for more info.


In partnership,


Supporting One Another: Remote Learning for 3/17/2020 (Article)

Submitted by Antoinette Cass on Mar 16 (last updated Mar 22)

Hello Open School Families,

How was Day 1? It was weird not having everyone at school today! I hope that you all are staying safe and in positive spirits. Our teachers and the whole Open School Crew are here for you, so just reach out if you need anything.

LAUSD has set up 60 Grab and Go Food Centers, opening Wednesday, March 18th. Together with the Red Cross, the 60 Food Centers will be open in all of our communities. The centers will be open weekdays from 7am-10am, and each child ages 1-18, may take home two nutritious meals. Locations of the centers can be found here. 

The locations set up for Local District West are:

  • Audubon Middle School 
  • Bernstein High School
  • Bret Harte Middle School
  • Dorsey High School
  • Fairfax High School
  • John Muir Middle School 
  • Johnnie Cochran Middle School
  • Marina Del Rey Middle School
  • Palms Middle School
  • University High School
  • Washington Preparatory High School

As promised, here are some activities for your children to try at home. These are some suggestions for Tuesday (3/17):

Yoga at Home by Coach Jolyene

Check out some fun St. Patrick's Day Yoga 

Online Opportunity Through The Kennedy Center
Every day at 1 EST Mo Willems, an American writer, animator, voice actor, and creator of children's books is doing a doodle with him video.   Click here to doodle with Mo Willems 


Parents and students, 

The art I am suggesting should be enjoyable for all. Everything can be done simply with scrap paper and pencil or you can use supplies you have around the house. Be creative and have fun!

This lesson's artist to be inspired by Jacob Lawrence

Watch this video about Jacob Lawrence

At a young age Jacob Lawrence became interested in art and the world around him. He liked to tell stories with his art, historical stories and everyday life stories. Jacob's first artworks were of the colorful patterns around his family's apartment. He loved to watch all the action in his busy Harlem neighborhood. He decided to paint scenes and tell stories of his neighborhood on cardboard boxes. 

Let's see if we can do the same. We live in the exciting neighborhoods of Los Angeles. Let’s draw and color our stories! Choose project 1 or 2, maybe try both.


paper and pencil, crayon, marker or paint

Look around your home, what do you see? Color, Pattern? Look at the fabrics on your curtains, blankets, beds, pillows. Look at wall/floor tile, hardwood floor, carpet. Look at books on a shelf, posters on the wall. I bet you see many patterns and many colors. Now choose 1 to draw & color, pay attention to rhythm, repetition, and symmetry.


cardboard, pencil, crayons, markers or paint

Look outside one of your windows and enjoy the scenery. Is it a bustling street, or a quiet front yard, animals? Trees? People? Cars? Airplanes?  Cut open a cardboard box so you have 3 sides to draw on. Now draw or paint what you see.

Happy Learning!


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