Weekly Update - March 21, 2021 (Article)

Submitted by Yellow Teacher on Mar 21 (last updated Mar 21)

Thank you, everyone, for another round of wonderful conferences.  We enjoyed seeing everyone and sharing your child’s growth and next steps.

Weekly Update - March 7, 2021 (Article)

Submitted by Yellow Teacher on Mar 7 (last updated Mar 7)

Monday Schedule Change:  Once again we will be changing our schedule this Monday, 3/8.  We have a virtual field trip visit from the Natural History Museum from 10 -11.  Students will sign in to the regular Monday Morning Assembly zoom at 9 and then the Yellow Cluster zoom right after that.  At 10 we sign in to a zoom provided by the Museum.  The link and password are on Schoology and will be posted in our Google Classroom stream.  Please remind your child that his/her zoom name needs to just be his/her first name for this special zoom.

Then we will do the following:

Weekly Update - February 15, 2021 (Article)

Submitted by Yellow Teacher on Feb 15 (last updated Feb 15)

If your child hasn’t already checked his / her school email, please remind him/her to do so, as we have sent everyone a personalized valentine and we want to be sure it is received.  The email is also where notifications about comments made on work in google classroom are, so it is a good idea to help your child get in the habit of checking it regularly. 

Principal's Message - Every Day Counts: Even Virtually (Article)

Submitted by Antoinette Cass on Feb 11 (last updated Feb 11)

We are so honored to be partnering with all of our adults at home who are on this amazing learning journey with us! 

Please remember, logging into school daily is the easiest way to ensure that your child is receiving the best possible education.  At Open School, we have so many fun-filled, cheerful days ahead of us (even remotely).

Weekly Update - January 24, 2021 (Article)

Submitted by Yellow Teacher on Jan 24 (last updated Jan 24)

We wanted to start off by reminding you of our parent meetings this week and next.  On Wednesday, January 27th we will meet our third grade families from 3 - 3:30 and the next Wednesday, February 3rd, we will meet our fourth grade families from 3 - 3:30.  As a school staff, we got together and looked at the state standards and identified the three at each grade level that we felt were most important to master in order to build the best foundations for the next year.  We want to share these with you, along with strategies for how you can help support your child in attaining these skills.

Weekly Update - January 17, 2021 (Article)

Submitted by Yellow Teacher on Jan 17 (last updated Jan 17)

Just a reminder that there is no school tomorrow, Monday the 18th, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Welcome Back - January 8, 2021 (Article)

Submitted by Yellow Teacher on Jan 8 (last updated Jan 8)

Hello everyone!

We hope you had a peaceful and relaxing holiday season and were able to make some special family memories together, despite all of the challenges.  We wanted to give you some information a little sooner than our usual Sunday this week.

Weekly Update - Dec. 13, 2020 (Article)

Submitted by Yellow Teacher on Dec 13 (last updated Dec 13)

As we move towards Winter Break, we want to thank you again for partnering with us in our students’ learning journey this year.  We couldn’t do it without you and we are so grateful for all you do!

Weekly Update - Dec. 6, 2020 (Article)

Submitted by Yellow Teacher on Dec 6 (last updated Dec 6)

Our next pickup / drop off will be this Friday, Dec.

Weekly Update - Nov. 29, 2020 (Article)

Submitted by Yellow Teacher on Nov 29 (last updated Nov 29)

Just a reminder about our schedule changes, for Monday, and for Thursdays starting this week.