Monday evening 4/13 update (Article)

Submitted by Yellow Teacher on Apr 13 (last updated Apr 13)

Hi everyone,

First of all, we are so sorry for all of the technological glitches today.  We thought Class Dojo was doing / could do things that apparently it can’t do.  We know it made everyone’s first day back more challenging and stressful than it should have (including ours) and we truly apologize for that.  

So we are busily trying to come up with better solutions.  For now, please just hold on to the paper work that is completed.  We’ll let you know when we make a more workable decision about those.

April 13 update (Article)

Submitted by Yellow Teacher on Apr 13 (last updated Apr 13)

Hi everyone!

Weekly Update (Article)

Submitted by Silver Teacher on Apr 13 (last updated Apr 13)

Welcome Back Silver Cluster Families, 

We hope that everyone enjoyed a restful Spring break.  As your child’s teachers we are here to support you and we have added a few more resources to supplement your child’s learning at home:  Mystery Science, Spelling City, and Dreambox Math. We know it’s a balancing act and we are all trying our best!  

Below you will find your child’s schedule of assignments for today.  In an effort to streamline communication, we will start posting the daily assignments on Class Dojo instead of sending emails everyday.

City Building Info - please read (Article)

Submitted by Yellow Teacher on Apr 12 (last updated Apr 12)

Hi everyone,

This is a long email, but please read it all the way through.  We wanted to give you an overview of what we are planning to do for our Yellow Cluster city this year so that you could support your child through this process and help us celebrate our year together.  As we go on, we will continue to send more detailed information as well.

ClassDojo and Seesaw Update (Article)

Submitted by Indigo Teacher on Apr 11 (last updated Apr 11)

Hi Everyone!

    We surely hope you have been enjoying your Spring Break and that is going well for you and your families.  We miss you all so much and while this was our break, we have been busy planning the many fun ways we will be engaging your child beginning next week.

Daily Update: Thursday, April 2, 2020 (Article)

Submitted by Indigo Teacher on Apr 2 (last updated Apr 2)

Hello Supportive Indigo Families, Hello Terrific Thursday, and Hello Day before Spring Break!

To begin with..... This Rainbow Award is presented to..... YOU for doing a fantastic job standing in the gap, keeping up with all of the components necessary to successfully facilitate school at home, and supporting your child in innumerable ways!!   : ) 

Today is our specialist filled day with Coach, Art, and Music. Check previous emails or the Open School website for suggested activities posted by Ms. Cass from our wonderful specialsits.

April 2, 2020 update and info (Article)

Submitted by Yellow Teacher on Apr 2 (last updated Apr 2)

Hi everyone!

Report cards were all sealed up yesterday to be mailed.  We included a few extras in there - a printout of your child’s Safari Park story, which was supposed to combine their encounter with the animal they had researched and facts about that animal, a printout of your child’s Class Dojo QR code, in case that is helpful, a copy of your child’s ST Math passwords, and their Lemonade War bookmark.  If you need your child’s ST Math password sooner, let us know and we will email you a pdf of it.


April 2 (Article)

Submitted by Yellow Teacher on Apr 2 (last updated Apr 2)

Good morning,

Extended Home Learning Day #14 (Article)

Submitted by Silver Teacher on Apr 2 (last updated Apr 2)

Good Morning Silver Cluster Families,

We enjoyed working with the students during Readers’ Workshop.  In each small group, we read books about walkingsticks. We found many interesting facts and made connections to the students’ field guide animals.  We hope that they will continue to read and learn more about this interesting insect.

Week of March 30th Schedule (Article)

Submitted by Orange Teacher on Apr 1 (last updated Apr 1)

Orange Cluster's Schedule for the Week of March 30th