News about Fundraising Events

Earn Cashback and Support Open School with BAMit! (Article)

Submitted by Friends on Aug 1 (last updated Jul 1)

Happy Summer Open School Families!

There’s a new and easy way for us to raise much-needed funds for Open School all year round, and all it takes is downloading a free app!

We have partnered with BAMit, a cash back app designed to encourage users to shop at local BAMit-affiliated stores, and simply by doing so, earning money back for both you and our school. 

Check If Your Employer Matches Your Generosity (Article)

Submitted by Shazneen Gandhi on Nov 7 (last updated Nov 7)

Reminder:  Please check with your company to see if they match charitable contributions, either in part or in full. This is effectively free money for our school, and often just requires a small amount of paperwork, which is often completed by the Annual Giving team rather than you. 

Thank You for the Campout! (Article)

Submitted by Shazneen Gandhi on Sep 26 (last updated Sep 26)

This past weekend’s Campout was a true success with over 600 members of our Open family, lots of food, a ton of laughs, flashing lights everywhere and just an overall good time.