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Learning from Home Day 9 (Article)

Submitted by Green Teacher on Mar 26 (last updated Mar 26)

Good morning Green Cluster!!

It was so wonderful seeing so many of you on our Mystery Reader Zoom.  Thank you Michael and Tracie for reading us three wonderful books. Your voices and enthusiasm made our time together so special and it felt a little like our old normal.  

Learning from Home Day 8 (Article)

Submitted by Green Teacher on Mar 25 (last updated Mar 25)

On Monday,  Superintendent Beutner made the announcement that LAUSD schools will be closed until at least May 1st.  As we make the transition to Virtual Learning, we teachers will participate in professional developments aimed at making this experience as smooth as possible.  That said, we want to inform you of some calendar changes. This Friday, teachers will be in a full-day PD. Sadly, that means that our Friday Mystery Reader meeting will have to be postponed.  Next week, we will be on a minimum day schedule (8:05 to 12:50) Monday to Thursday.

Learning from Home Day 6 (Article)

Submitted by Green Teacher on Mar 23 (last updated Mar 23)

Good morning Green Cluster!
We loved seeing all of your smiling faces Friday for our Mystery Reader.  We have missed our daily routine with you all and will be sending more information soon about our new daily routine.  We loved hearing about all the wonderful things you did during your first week of learning from home. Charlotte and Harrison did some bike riding, Cillian baked scones, Carter got a new dog named Otter, many of you hung out with family and pets, and there was lots of playing.  Most importantly, you were all smiling and healthy.

Learning from Home Day 5 (Article)

Submitted by Green Teacher on Mar 20 (last updated Mar 20)

Good morning Green Cluster!

Happy Friday.  We made it through our first week of learning from home.  We loved seeing all the photos of your different learning experiences at home.  We’re so glad that you have been finding ways to have fun while learning.  

Learning from Home Day 4 (Article)

Submitted by Green Teacher on Mar 19 (last updated Mar 19)

Good Morning Green Cluster!

WOW!!  We were blown away by the photos that you sent us with your treasures from the alphabet scavenger hunt.  Keep them coming.  

Learning From Home Day 3 (Article)

Submitted by Green Teacher on Mar 18 (last updated Mar 18)

Distance Learning Day #3

Good Morning Green Cluster!!

How is everyone doing?  These past two days have been so different from our normal routine that we are still trying to figure everything out.  We hope that learning from home is going well for everyone. If you have any concerns or questions, please reach out to us.  We are here to help.  

Learning from Home Day 2 (Article)

Submitted by Green Teacher on Mar 17 (last updated Mar 17)

Distance Learning Day #2

Good Morning Green Cluster Families-

We hope that day one went well.  We loved seeing pictures of your home learning experiences.  Please continue to share them. Today during your learning time, work on activities that you didn’t get to yesterday.

Yesterday, we emailed and posted what a typical day in Green Cluster looks like. We received a few emails about how to organize learning time at home, so hopefully what we sent was helpful.  

A Typical Day In Green Cluster (Article)

Submitted by Green Teacher on Mar 16 (last updated Mar 16)

Dear Green Cluster Families, 

Here is what a typical day in Green Cluster might look like. We realize that the home environment is a different place, and there will be a range of commitments to the schedule. No pressure. Your children are the experts of what happens in Green Cluster. Perhaps you and your child can start by coming up with a schedule together.

Learning materials for distance learning at home. (Article)

Submitted by Green Teacher on Mar 15 (last updated Mar 15)

Hi Green Cluster Families,