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Emergency Preparedness: Earthquake Drill Today 10/17/19 (Article)

Submitted by Antoinette Cass on Oct 17 (last updated Oct 17)

At Open School, safety is a priority. The School Safety Committee supports emergency preparedness at Open School through annual review of the school emergency plan and upkeep of school emergency supplies.

We are Listening: What is Open School's Social Emotional Program? (Article)

Submitted by Antoinette Cass on Oct 17 (last updated Oct 31)

We are Listening is a segment of Thursday's Backpack that will be published monthly to address some of the information gathered from our May 2019 Program Evaluation Survey. Many families filled out the Open School Program Evaluation Survey, and we thank you for your feedback, as this information helps to guide the work we do to improve and maintain Open School.

What is Open School's Social Emotional Program?

Principal's Message: Leadership is in Everyone (Article)

Submitted by Antoinette Cass on Oct 9 (last updated Oct 10)

Leadership!  What a wonderful way to start off our Roots of Respect (Social Emotional) Program, with our Student Council Officer speeches today at assembly. Our students showed such an amazing sense of both Courage and Leadership!

Thank You for the Campout! (Article)

Submitted by Shazneen Gandhi on Sep 26 (last updated Sep 26)

This past weekend’s Campout was a true success with over 600 members of our Open family, lots of food, a ton of laughs, flashing lights everywhere and just an overall good time.

Sign Up to Volunteer - So Many Ways to Help (Article)

Submitted by Peggy Lew on Sep 25 (last updated Sep 26)

Please respond - it just takes a few minutes to show us how you'd like to help out at Open School!

Interested in joining a committee?  Have a special skill in art, music, cooking, or computer skills?  Want to help out with fundraising events?

We need it!  And we so much appreciate your efforts. It indeed takes a village...

Start getting involved by filling out the Online Volunteer Form, where Open School families can indicate their interests and unique skills.

Principal's Message: Everyday Counts (Don't Miss More than 7 Days This School Year) (Article)

Submitted by Antoinette Cass on Sep 19 (last updated Sep 19)

Attending school daily is the easiest way to ensure that your child is receiving the best possible education.  At Open School, we have so many fun-filled, cheerful days ahead of us. In order to make these days meaningful and worthwhile, we need your children to be present daily. As our teachers and specialists spend hours preparing lessons that enhance your child’s educational experience, it is important that every student is here to partake in the exhilarating learning that is taking place in every cluster.

Join Us in Supporting the LAX Food Pantry (Article)

Submitted by Shazneen Gandhi on Sep 11 (last updated Sep 11)

The Breakfast in Class program has food leftover every day.  Last year, when Open School student Luiza F. of Purple Cluster realized that these uneaten servings were going to waste, she worked with her mom Julie, to get approval for our school to donate the leftovers to the LAX Food Pantry, a food bank in Inglewood that gives to the needy.  

Box Tops Go Digital! (Article)

Submitted by Shazneen Gandhi on Aug 29 (last updated Sep 4)

Over the years, we have earned over $8000 for Open School by simply submitting Box Tops collected from products we purchase in the normal course of life to the school. Now you can simply scan in your receipts into an app and monies will be donated to the school. 

Principal's Message: Medication Must be in the Nurse's Office (Article)

Submitted by Antoinette Cass on Aug 28 (last updated Aug 28)

At Open School, every day counts and to support this motto, safety is our number one concern. When children are healthy and safe, they come to school daily. We cannot reiterate this point enough! We know that you entrust us daily with your most prized possessions and we take the health and well-being of all of our students to heart. Parents also play a vital role in the health and safety of their child while at school.

How to Stay Informed: MailChimp, Facebook, Website (Article)

Submitted by Peggy Lew on Aug 20 (last updated Oct 17)

Over the last couple of years, our Communication Committee has been steadily working to improve home-school communication.  We have three ways of keeping you informed: