Safely Dropping Off and Picking Up Your Child

For the safety of your children and others, please adhere to the following drop-off guidelines:

  • Please use the drop-off valet system or park and walk your child
  • If using the valet, make sure your child is prepared with their materials to quickly get out.  Please park if you need more time.
  • If you are late, the valet is open until 8:15 am to safely drop off (but you children are still marked tardy).
  • Please be respectful and refrain from double-parking or blocking neighbors' driveways.
  • When crossing the street make sure that your children use the cross walk. DO NOT cross into the valet area.
  • Do not use the teachers' parking lot for dropping off.

For after school pick-up, please follow these safety rules:

  • Please park and pick up your child.  
  • Do not drive up to the gate and ask your child to walk out into the parking lot.
  • Students are not to walk out of the gate unattended.
  • Keep the yard gate closed after use.
  • If you plan for someone not on the emergency card to pick up your child, you must notify the office ahead of time.  This includes pick up at the bus stops.

We need everyone's cooperation and diligence every day, especially in these few weeks. Thank you so much for being a partner in keeping everyone safe.

Expiration Date: 
Aug 30