Weekly News - August 26, 2016

August 26, 2016

Classroom News

We hope to see everyone at Back to School Night on Tuesday, August 30th from 6:00 until 7:30.  The evening starts in the auditorium and will then move to the classrooms.  We’ll be sharing our curriculum and classroom procedures and telling you all about Yellow Cluster.  Please remember that this is an adult-only event and childcare is not provided.

The writing that is going home today is a rough draft, developed after a sequence of lessons on picking a special moment, using flow maps to plan your story with an opening and a closing, and writing effective descriptive sentences (but not too many of them overloaded with adjectives).  Again, please read your child’s writing as a rough draft and focus on complimenting your child on effective communication and descriptive sentences, not on fixing any spelling or other mistakes.  At this point in the year, questions and suggestions for improvement should be about helping your child add more detail or more descriptive words, not on editing for correctness.  We promise that part will come, and will be part of our expectations, but we’re not stressing that in our first writing piece rough draft yet.  Students will be revising and typing their rough drafts on Monday, so please be sure your child has this writing, with your compliment written on it, in their yellow homework folder on Monday.  

We began our science unit this week by watching a Bill Nye video about Energy.  Our main science topic this year is transportation and all of the science involved in motion and energy and how it is used to move people around.  In science, we take a multi-faceted approach where we combine information we get through reading, videos, and discussions with experiment results to develop our understanding of the topics we are studying.  We begin with energy because there are some very foundational concepts we wanted to introduce before we move on to some reading and experiments about friction.  

We also began our Reading Workshop this week.  We are working on creating a reading environment in which everyone feels happy and supported and enjoys reading.  We want our students to read, talk about what they are reading with each other, and support each other on their reading journeys, so we’re working on creating an environment in which that can happen.  We have a large classroom library of both fiction and nonfiction books that the students are encouraged to check out and bring back and forth between home and school.  


Cursive: Our cursive beginners / reviewers will be moving on to a packet that shows them how to connect the letters together.  We will be doing one of each word in class and asking them to do two more of each word at home (unless there is only room for one more).  Our more experienced cursive writers will be continuing to work on their capital letters and then move into writing poems and quotes in their best cursive.  Please help your child remember to put his/her cursive into his/her yellow folder and to bring the yellow folder every day so that the packet is here when we are teaching and practicing our cursive.  This will be the last week of only one piece of homework.


Expiration Date: 
Jun 30