Weekly News - September 1, 2016

September 1, 2016

Classroom News

We hope everyone enjoys the four day weekend!  Since we didn’t have a Friday in class, we don’t have writing or a goal sheet to send home this week.  

It was wonderful to see so many of you at Back to School Night.  If you weren’t able to make it, your child should have brought home two packets, one of information and one of pages we need you to fill out and sign.  We wanted to review what they are here for people who weren’t there.

TAP student card application:  We are going to be taking a few field trips on the Metro Rail this year.  This allows us to take more trips that allotted by our generous Friends budget and lets us, as city builders, go explore our wonderful city.  We’re asking you to fill out the application and then we’ll get them processed.  Your children will be taking the cards home at the end of the year.  They can be reloaded at any time.  We’re also asking for a donation of at least $10 so we can put the money onto the cards to actually pay for the field trips.  $10 will cover the cost of the 3 inch binder we use for the student’s portfolios as well as the $6 we’ll be putting on the cards to cover 3 field trips.  A little extra will cover other students and will be greatly appreciated.  

Donors Choose photo release:  We will also be doing at least one Donors Choose project this year (a living history gold rush field trip).  We have to give them 6 pictures as a thank you and this release will let us use pictures of your child.  We don’t use any close ups or single child full face pictures.

Game Bag:  We will be sending home a set of dice and other manipulatives for your child to use to play various math games at home.  This letter promises to take care of the materials and return them at the end of the year.

Communication Card:  We keep this in class so we know how, and who, to contact if we need to make a phone call.

San Diego Trip:  If you haven’t sent in you or your child’s forms, please do so as soon as possible.  We need to know by September 9th our exact numbers, so if you haven’t let us know if an adult in your family is coming or not, we need to know by then.  If you are considering upgrading to the fancier tent, we also need to know that by that date so we can make the appropriate reservations and payment.  Please email us as soon as possible.  

Today we sent home forms for students who said they were interested in playing a string or wind instrument.  These forms are due back by the end of next week.  If your child didn’t get a form and you want one to be sent home, please let us know and we will send them home.  

We also sent home Student Council election forms.  If someone wants to run for Student Council, he/ she needs to write a speech and get references.  The paper is due back in Yellow Cluster by Wednesday, September 7th.  We will have our election on Thursday, September 8th.  Just a reminder, students who are elected as Student Council Representatives are not eligible to run for Yellow Cluster class officers.  


Cursive: Just to make sure you know, the entire cursive packet is NOT due on Tuesday.  As Thursday is like a Friday and Monday is a holiday, that’s two days where we don’t assign homework.  The packet practicing connections should be completed through page 6.  The students working on quotes should have a few pages done.

Scholastic News:  We read the cover story and worked on the map that goes with it.  We started a little early, as this isn’t really homework until next week.  The students have their magazines and maps already.  The map is almost all complete - they just have to answer the question on the bottom (or the back, if there isn’t room).  They also have to read the rest of the articles and answer the questions at the back of the magazine.  The magazine and map are due Tuesday, September 13th.  

Problem of the Week:  We did an activity in class about moving people around a shape, following specific rules, and then clearly and accurately communicating your solution.  They were then given a similar problem and started it in class.  This problem will be sent home on Tuesday to be finished and turned back in on Tuesday, September 13th.  The problem is about drawing a picture without lifting your pencil or going over any line twice.  Students who already found one solution in class will be asked to find as many more solutions as they can.  Part of the challenge is not just figuring out how to do the drawing, but also clearly communicating your solution.

Word Study:  This coming Tuesday, half the class (the octagons and heptagons spelling groups) will be given their word study words and their homework for the next two weeks.  They will be writing the words in cursive and making choices between other activities designed to help them practice their words.  This work will be due in two weeks, on Tuesday, September 20th.  Then, on the 13th, the other half of the class will get their words and their work will be due on the 27th.  But we’ll remind you of that in next week’s email. 



Expiration Date: 
Jun 30