Weekly News - September 9, 2016

September 9, 2016

Classroom News

The writing your child should be giving you on Friday is a draft of his/her story about his/her name.  So far they have used the information they gathered as homework to make a map planning what they would be writing, orally rehearsed their story with a partner, wrote a draft, shared the draft with a partner who asked questions about the story to try and get the author to add more detail, and then added to their draft.  We’re hoping that when you read the story this weekend that you can suggest other details that your child can add to make the story even more engaging or informative.  As usual, please write a specific comment / compliment to your child on the bottom of the writing and make sure it’s in his/ her yellow folder to be brought back on Monday.  A couple of small comments about editing / formatting (ie starting sentences and proper nouns with capital letters) would be fine now too.  

Book orders are due this Friday, September 16th.  We do hope many of you take advantage of the opportunity to get books for your child because the more books our students buy, the more free books we are able to get for our classroom library.  We also have a classroom wish list with Scholastic, if you want to buy any books for us.  Our online code to connect your account with our class is GZX9X.

We will be starting our Monday rotations this Monday, September 12th, so if you signed up to volunteer on Mondays, please come this Monday.  We would still like to have at least one more parent for each of the rotation blocks (9:00-10:25, 10:45-12:15, and 1:00-2:30), so please let us know if you can help us out.  

If you haven’t sent in your child’s TAP card application and the rest of the papers in that bundle, along with the $10 to cover the large binder and 3 field trips on the Metro Rail, please do so as soon as possible.  And thank you, so much, to people who have contributed a little extra to be sure all of our students are covered on these field trips.  We really appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity!

Jessica would also like to send a heartfelt thank you to all of the parents who helped make her surprise welcome back wedding party so beautiful and special.  The room still looks so pretty and festive!  And the book of marriage advice that the students wrote was so wonderful!

We also need a detail-oriented parent or parents to help us go through and re-set up our collection of thinking games, as many of the pieces have wandered into boxes they don’t belong to or were left lying around and are in a holding box.  Most of the games have a list of pieces, so we need people to sit down and make sure each game has what it is supposed to have so our students can play them again.  If this sounds like a job for you, just let us know.  You can come in any time for this one!


Scholastic News:  Next week’s Scholastic News follow up involves cause and effect thinking.  The students will be reading an article and finding information to explain why fish like Dory aren’t good pets to have.  We will read part of the article and do one reason together in class and then they will be finishing the map as homework, including the question at the bottom of the map.  Students who are having difficulty can bring their magazine and map on Thursday to work with an adult.  Also, once you get the map, please note how we are going to be setting this work up.  We will be writing a prompt question, like the kinds they will be answering in class and on the state testing, that this map could be used to answer.  We do not want the students actually answering this question (yet).  We’re just trying to give everyone many, many chances to repeatedly see how the maps can be used to gather information to answer specific questions.  Eventually, we will be asking them to write these answers. The magazine and map are due Tuesday, September 20th.  

Problem of the Week:  Next week’s problem of the week continues the idea of traveling around a space and not repeating locations, but is more complicated.  There’s a circular maze with a set of smaller circles and the challenge is to find a pathway through the maze, stopping at every circle, and not going on any path twice (though you don’t have to go on every path).  This is a more challenging puzzle than last week, so we might be stretching some perseverance muscles this week.

Word Study:  The octagons and heptagons have their spelling words and have hopefully been working on their practice. This work is due on Tuesday, September 20th.  We do recommend doing a quick review or practice test on Monday so they are prepared for the test that day.  Next week the other two groups, the pentagons and hexagons will be getting their words and assignment, and their work is due on the 27th.  


Expiration Date: 
Jun 30