Growing With Green - September 19, 2016

Last week we completed many “apple” activities.  We sorted, we graphed, we learned about the star inside every apple and donated our apples to the bunnies in the garden.  We analyzed the data on the apple graph and the students came up with some interesting observations.  We learned about how apples grow.  

In Math we continued to work on ST Math.  The children are really enjoying working on the iPads.  We also continued to work on pattern extensions and counting by 10‘s.  We extended our sorting activities by sorting ourselves and our shoes. 

We will be working on forming the letter “Bb”  (A “1” and a “3” make capital “B”).  It takes up the entire “handwriting road.”  The lower case letter also takes up the entire road. Start at the top and make a line (bat), then make a circle (ball) and come around and hit that ball.  We are also learning the sound of “b.”  “B is for Bubba Bear.”  We are learning the sight word “and.” 

On Thursday, October 6, we will be going to the Los Angeles Zoo and Travel Town for lunch.  We love having lots of parents join us on this trip.  More information and sign-ups to follow next week. 

Remember to send in your camp out forms. They are selling out fast!
Thank you to the wonderful parents who came in to volunteer this week.  We love having you!

Here are some activities you can do with your child to reinforce what we are learning in class:
- Continue to practice looking for patterns in your world.  Can you see them on buildings, clothing, etc.?
- What is the sound of “b”?  Look around you and find 5 things that begin with the short “b” sound.  
- Read a book to your child and talk about the story.
- We have enclosed a handwriting chart for both capital and lower case letters, so that you can see the correct way to form letters. 

We have included the Green Cluster Class Directory.  A big “Thank You” to Miye Bennett (Arlo’s mom) for organizing  and completing our directory.    

Picture Day is tomorrow, Tuesday, September 20.  Green Cluster will be taking pictures at 8:45 a.m.
If you need another picture form, you can access it at these two places:

• by checking last week’s Backpack online


    • under Parent Resources on the website


Expiration Date: 
Aug 1