A word on the Campout…


This is what happens when Open School yet again shows up!  What a great time, huh?  Like all successful events, this is only because of the hard work and generosity of so many parent volunteers.  Not only did we have 60 people signed up to help, but then even more parents would stroll up to the kitchen and offer to put on an apron and help.  When an event gets that kind of support, it’s a certain success.  

I can’t do justice to all the hard working parents who were super-stars.  If I listed any names, I risk forgetting others.  But everyone probably noticed the BBQ team, which ran from 4pm to 9:30pm, even pre-cooking the morning’s sausage.  What you may not have noticed was that the kitchen never had less than 5-10 people running in and out, cooking, serving, washing…  The craft table was also a fun, functioning activity for many hours.  If you drank a hot cup of coffee in the morning, that was because parents started filling those 42-cup urns at 6am.  And we also had the whole place set up looking beautiful and ready to go before 3pm.  Table cloths and center pieces on 30 tables?  That’s a testament to some parents who donated their time earlier on Saturday.  Plus, all the planning and shopping that had to happen in the weeks prior!

As the chair of the event, I am the lucky guy who gets to hear most of the in-person expressions of gratitude.  I hope all the volunteers felt appreciated.  You were!

And on top of all this, we raised thousands of dollars for the enrichment of our kids.  Numbers will be crunched and final profit announced at the next Friends meeting.  (It will be between 5 and 10 thousand.)   

Let’s keep this up, Open.  Let’s all remember what can be achieved when we come together.  Volunteering is fun to do, and it creates joy for all those who attend.  

- Louie

Expiration Date: 
Jun 9