Growing With Green - October 4, 2016

We have been reading up a storm!  All of the children worked in homogeneous groups using the Wright Group series, literature, and/ or phonics readers. We are learning to use our book as a resource to complete follow-ups to what we have read.  They are reading to their friends for additional practice. 

The students went on a “Pattern Adventure” around the school last week. They took their clipboards and pencils looking for patterns at Open School. We found patterns in pinecones, fences, on the play structure, on the mats, and EVEN on the school bus parked in the lot!

We will be working on forming the letter “Dd.”  We are also learning the sound of “d.”  “D is for Deedee Deer.”  We are working on more complex patterns.  We are learning the sight word “is.

 On Thursday, October 6, we will be going to the Los Angeles Zoo and Travel Town for lunch.  We have many parents who signed up to accompany us.  Thank you!  We will try to accommodate as many parents as we can on the bus.  The number will depend on the size of the bus that day. If we cannot fit everyone, some parents may have to carpool.  If you are meeting us at the zoo, please make sure to get there no later than 9:45 a.m. (see schedule on the next page). Please send a labeled LUNCH for your child.  YOU WILL NOT NEED TO SEND A SNACK.  WE WILL BE PROVIDING WATER AND PIRATE’S BOOTY FOR THE CHILDREN.  

Make-up Picture Day is Tuesday, October 11.  If you were not happy with your child’s picture, this is the time to retake it.

Thank you again to our loyal parents who come in to help us in the classroom and for breakfast.  :)

Here are some activities you can do with your child to reinforce what we are learning in class:
- Find objects around your house and sort them by their different attributes.  In addition, you can complete the attached sorting activity with your child.
- What is the sound of “d”?  Look around you and find 5 things that begin with the sound of  “d”.  
- Practice writing the letters Aa, Bb, Cc and Dd and the words using these letters.

Remember, these activities are OPTIONAL.  We are only providing activities for you if you choose to do them with your child.

Zoo Schedule (approximate times)
8:30am - Depart from school

9:45am - Arrive at the Los Angeles Zoo

10:00am - Zoo opens

12:30pm - Leave zoo to go to Travel Town for lunch

1:15-1:30pm - Depart to return to school

2:15pm - Arrive at school HAPPY and TIRED!! : )


Expiration Date: 
Aug 1