Weekly News - October 7, 2016

October 7, 2016

Classroom News

This week’s writing is a multi-paragraph essay about California’s regions.  The research for this work was heaving guided at the beginning, and then students were asked to fill in possible holes through independent research, using books and other resources available in the classroom.  The initial planning of the piece was also guided, as it was the first multi-paragraph, fully research based piece, that we were doing.  Students had a great deal of time today to either write or type their pieces.  Please give your child appropriate feedback, including proper paragraphing, as that is something we taught and reinforced and were expecting to see in this piece.  Please be sure to use praise and compliments, as well as probing questions, to help your child both feel good about what was done, and to get some ideas about where their work could be improved.

We started our Typing Club work at school today, so this is now available for at home practice. We showed the students old typewriters and talked about the purpose of the keyboard being designed the way it is, as well as if you learn how to type with your fingers working the way the keyboard was designed, you can type faster and more accurately.  We also mentioned how, that for many of them, typing correctly will be slower than their current speed, but practice will improve that.  We are not requiring this as homework, but do believe that it is a very beneficial activity and a tool that will serve everyone well in the future, so we do hope that you have your child do 20-30 minutes of practice a week.  The site is openschool.typingclub.com (the open school beginning is very important) and the user names and passwords are the same as Tynker.  (Though if your child uses their last initial as part of their username in Tynker, that isn’t a part of their username in Typing Club.)

We are currently learning about Newton’s Laws of Motion and watched a Bill Nye video today about them.  The concept of inertia was a big part of the video and they included an at home experiment we thought we would share, in case anyone wanted to try it.  

  • Put a playing card on top of a glass and then put a quarter on top of the playing card.
  • With your finger, flick at the card hard enough to send the card shooting off of the glass.
  • The quarter should then drop directly into the glass.

Whether you and your child do this activity or not, hopefully your child can explain the science of the results to you!

We are in need of regular sized bandaids, please.  We don’t need the mixed size boxes, just boxes of regular bandaids.  

Book orders went home today.  They are due next Friday, October 14th.  The shorter than normal turn around time is due to our field trip.  There are many great books, so we hope you place an order!  We recently added quite a few books to our classroom library that we were able to get free from the last book order, and we have many happy students eagerly reading our new additions, so your purchases really help us.

We will be sending more information about our San Diego trip home soon, with specific details and reminders, as well as another copy of the packing list in case you no longer have the original one.  Everyone is very excited and we’re hoping for weather that is not too hot or too cold!

Remember that there is no school this Wednesday, October 12th.  


Scholastic News:  The new magazine will be coming home on Tuesday.  This cover story is about the views the two main presidential candidates have on various issues, so that is the topic of the map the students will be completing.  It will be due on Tuesday, 10/18.

Problem of the Week:  We are doing one more week of an ages problem, just to be sure everyone has really grasped the idea of guessing and checking and proving your answer.  In class, we have moved on to patterns, so after this week, we’ll be doing problems involving finding and using patterns.  It will be due on Tuesday, 10/18.

Word Study:  The octagons and heptagons have their work due, and their spelling test, on Tuesday, October 18th.  The pentagons’ and hexagons’ work is due on Tuesday, October 11th.


Expiration Date: 
Jun 30