Growing With Green - October 10, 2016

Last week we had such a wonderful trip to the Los Angeles Zoo and Travel Town.  The weather was hot, but we had fun!   Thank you to the all the parents who accompanied us on the trip! This was the largest parent/ adult entourage in the history of Green Cluster! 

This week we will be introducing our Writing Workshop, based on the Writing Workshop Program from Columbia University.  We will be learning about different genres of writing throughout the year. For the first lesson we will be creating our authors’ folders and discussing the elements of storytelling. We also will be working on forming the letter “Ee.”  We are also learning the short sound of “e.”  “E is for Eddie Elephant.”  We are learning the sight words “in” and “a.”  

We will start the “Student of the Day.”  The students are randomly selected and get to sit in the student throne. They are also the line leader and have various other “special” jobs for their tenure.

Thank you again to all of the parents who come in to help us regularly.  

Here are some activities you can do with your child to reinforce what we are learning in class.  These are not a required activities, but only something to do for fun if you so choose.

- Tell your parents about our trip to the Los Angeles Zoo.  Look at the picture and count the animals. Color in one box for each animal in the picture.  Cut out the boxes of animals that you have counted and colored, and glue them into the vertical bar graph from the bottom up.
- What is the short sound of “e”?  Look around you and find 5 things that begin with the sound of  “e”.  Can you think of any words that have the short sound of “e” in the middle (jet, men, ten, etc.)? 

  Have a good week!



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Aug 1