Weekly News - November 4, 2016

Classroom News

This is another week with no writing for you to review and sign.  We’ve been very busy getting stuff done for report cards and conferences!  As we don’t have any school next Friday, and the the Friday after that is conference week, we won’t be sending home any new writing until after Thanksgiving. 

We are still missing a few field trip slips for our trip to the polling place on Tuesday, so please be sure that yours has been signed and sent in.  Please have your child wear his/her Yellow Cluster shirt on Tuesday, along with comfortable walking shoes.  As we are going to a polling place, we can’t have the students wear anything that promotes a single candidate or an opinion on anything that is being voted on, so please be sure your child is either not wearing anything like that, or can cover it up or take it off.  We will be at school for lunch, so no need for anything special there.  We don’t have any parents coming with us presently, which is fine, since it is a short walk, but if you would like to come, please let us know and we’re happy to have you.

We are very much looking forward to seeing everyone during conference week.  Please double check your Sign up Genius time to make sure you can still come then and remember that you need to plan to be here for about 30 extra minutes, before and/or after your appointment time so that your child can share his/her portfolios and other classroom activities with you.  We’re also super excited about the Book Fair, since we sure do love books in Yellow Cluster!  We hope everyone can celebrate their child’s conference with a Book Fair purchase.  If you have time to volunteer to help out at the Book Fair or with conference activity supervision, we know that help is definitely needed.  Watch your Thursday’s backpack for those sign up links.

This week we began working with our commissions.  Students learned about their jobs and what their classroom responsibilities were and what they needed to do to earn full paychecks at the end of this month.  (We will need 6-8 parents on Friday, December 2nd at 1:00 to help with payday, so please let us know if you can come.)  We’ve seen much enthusiastic assuming of responsibilities in the last couple of days, and we’re hoping that continues!  They also began reading books that relate to their commission’s responsibilities in our future city and finding objects and buildings that connect to those responsibilities.  This will lead to them, next week, choosing their objects for the Object Parade.  We will begin the process that leads to the building of their objects after Thanksgiving and will be begging for your help when we come back after Winter Break.


Super Science:  We are sending home a much larger magazine next week called Super Science.  We are not sending a map to go with it, as it has much more reading and we will be doing some follow up in class instead.  We are asking that the students read the whole magazine and answer the questions on the back page.  It will be due on November 15th.

Problem of the Week:  We have another problem that involves finding and using patterns to figure out the answer to the question.  It will be due on Tuesday, November 15th.

Word Study:  The octagons and heptagons have their work due on November 15th.  The pentagons’ and hexagons’ new words, that will be given on November 8th won’t be due until the Tuesday after Thanksgiving 11/29.  We recommend saving one assignment to do that Monday, to help keep the words fresh, or to do a practice test on Monday, or some other kind of practice.  Spelling City will be introduced to the pentagons and hexagons on Tuesday.  Students must do the sentences and the practice test on Spelling City and then should choose 4 more activities to do.  If you find that your child still doesn’t know the words, there are more activities on Spelling City, and you can have him/her do those as extra practice.  Please be aware that it’s important to save your work in Spelling City rather frequently, especially in the sentence writing activity, as last year we found that, if left idle for too long, the work sometimes disappeared or was unable to be submitted.


Expiration Date: 
Jun 30