Weekly News - November 10, 2016

November 10, 2016

Classroom News

So, since it is Thursday, and next week is mostly conference activities, there is no weekly goal sheet or writing for you to sign.  Next week we will also not be sending home a new assignment sheet, as there isn’t any homework over conference week and Thanksgiving week.

We really wanted to tell you how wonderful our students in Yellow Cluster were yesterday.  We spent an hour and a half sharing our feelings about the election and addressing fears and concerns that came up, and the students were absolutely wonderful.  They were clear, honest, and respectful.  They had a lot to share, and a lot to talk about, and they were, the entire time, respectful speakers and audience members.  They supported each other and shared both their concerns and disappointments as well as a great deal of hope and optimism and a willingness to work to continue to improve our community.  We were very proud of them and we hope you are too.  They each did a free write, which they were free to share or not, and we asked them to take it home on Wednesday and share it with you, so we hope they did.  

We are getting to have another author visit, this time at Open School!  We are so excited to host Stuart Gibbs, who has written three very popular upper grade series.  We began reading one of them, Spy School, out loud on Wednesday so that all of our students would be familiar with his work when he comes.  So far, the students are loving it and are not happy when we stop reading at the end of a couple of chapters.  Again, we are able to host authors like this based on providing an opportunity for the students to purchase autographed books.  Today we sent home order forms for the signed books that are available to purchase.  These will be personalized, as well.  Given the students’ excitement for these books, we’re thinking that these could be great holiday gifts.  So if you would like to order books as a present and don’t want your child to know it, please write GIFT really big across the top of the form and send it in an envelope addressed to Ms. Denise and we’ll hold the book(s) for you to pick up instead of giving them to your child.  Knowing that many students are going to want a book, and may be disappointed if it seems like you are saying no, you can also order one book for us to give to your child that day and one (or more) to keep back as a gift.  Just label the order form clearly, please.  Orders are due by Monday, November 28th.

Speaking of books that Yellow Cluster is enthusiastic about, our last read aloud, The Unwanteds, was very, very popular and we have many students looking forward to reading the second book in the series.  The Book Fair currently has books 1, 5, and 6 and I’ve asked them to see if they can get books 2, 3, and 4, knowing that there are many Yellow students who are wanting to read them.  She also has a new series out and that book is available at the Book Fair too.  So have some fun shopping before or after your conference - books are a great way to celebrate your child’s growth!  You’ll see that we have a large shelf full of books on our wish list there.  We do love to read!

Remember that Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of next week are conference days, so they are minimum days as well.  Please be sure, each morning, that your child knows what he / she is supposed to do after school that day.  Also, please use the link in Thursday’s Backpack to sign up for a time to volunteer to help supervise Yellow Cluster and to help out at the Book Fair.  


No new homework will be sent home on Tuesday, though we do hope you encourage your child to keep reading, doing Tynker, and practicing on Typing Club.  The hexagon and pentagon Word Study groups do have their Spelling City assignments due on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, though.


Expiration Date: 
Jun 30