Weekly News November 14, 2016

Indigo Cluster News

Wonder and Exploration

October 24, 2016-October 28, 2016


Fall Conferences

Fall Conferences are here!!!!  We have already begun our Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences and are looking forward to meeting with you this week.  This is a time where we (including your child) have a chance to reflect on your child’s learning journey so far and set goals to take their journey to the next level.  Place make sure you take a look at your conference time by clicking the link below.  As of tomorrow morning, we will make the link inactive to prevent last minute changes.  



Also, we would love to have our wonderful parent volunteers to sign up to help with the wonderful rotations that are planned for our students.  Here is the link below.  This link also has a link to the schedule so you can also see all the amazing things that are planned for your child.



Spelling City/Tynker

Spelling City is a program we introduced our students to that will allow them to practice their High Frequency Words and their Spelling Words.  We have been using it in class and now that we are moving into our Word Study Program which will involve weekly Spelling Words in addition to the High Frequency Words, they will have the opportunity to practice words at home for homework using Spelling City.  Tynker is a coding program we have been using in class.  Our students have had several weeks of coding experience and many are hoping for more opportunities so they continue using Tynker at home if they choose.  It is an individualized program so they are free to work at home, but it is not required.  Occasionally, they will have class specific projects that they will be working on at school so there will be times when everyone will be in the same place, but they will continue where they left off in their individual lessons when the class projects are complete.  The log in information for both programs is the same and is as follows using lower case letters and no spaces:

User Name: indigo(student’s name) –Example: indigoregina

Password: student’s name (Roll Call Number)-Example:  regina50



 We are not assinging homework this week, but we encourage your child to keep working on Spelling City (if they need to finish assignments or just to review words), ST Math, Tynker, as well as RazKids(the teacher username is indigocluster if their roll call number is 1-24 or indigocluster2 if their roll call number is 25-48 and the password is the same as the other programs).


*If you have not turned in your child’s Memory Stick/Jump Drive, please turn it in as soon as possible. 


Upcoming Events

November 14, 2016-November 18, 2016-Fall Conference Week

November 16, 2016-November 18, 2016-Minimum Day-Dismissal at 12:50

November 21, 2016-November 25, 2016-No School-Thanksgiving Holiday

Expiration Date: 
Jun 30