Multiply Your Donation with Corporate Matching

Multiply Your Impact!

If you work for a company that participates, corporate matching is one of the easiest ways to increase your donation to Open School.  Many companies match 1 to 1 every dollar donated by employees, and some match as much as 3 to 1!

Does Your Company Participate?

Following is a sample (and probably incomplete) list of companies that match used by Easter Seals:  Matching Companies.  See if yours is there.  If not, please check with your HR department to be sure.

Easy Steps to Take

Obtaining a match is pretty simple.

Generally speaking, the process must begin with you because companies don't like charitable organizations reaching out to them directly.  Start with your HR department, who can direct you what to do.

If you are the first donor to Open from your company (good for you!), your company may need to do some extra setup to get us established as a valid charitable organization.  They usually reach out to us for this.  You may need to provide our email ( (subject: Matching) ) and perhaps our address address and phone number (please use the school's, with Attention: Annual Giving).  We will provide all necessary documentation your company requests.

Some companies do this process internally and some use third party services, like Benevity.  We are already set up on all the major third party systems.

Do please keep in mind that most companies have annual submission deadlines - so we of course need your help there.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to (subject: Matching%20Question) with any questions or if you need to provide any documentation directly.

Don't miss this easy opportunity to maximize the impact of your gift!