Open School Day Thank You!!!

This email is revised and updated.

We are so thrilled to be a part of such an amazing community.  Tuesday was one of those days we were especially grateful.  Just having the opportunity to have our parents and students share more about their culture creates a greater respect for each other and an opportunity to further build the incredible family we have here in Indigo.  

Thank you so much for all the parents who volunteered to lead a rotation.   We had My Name in Hebrew (Elah's mom), Dance the Hora (Luiza's mom and dad), Making Quesadillas Mexicano (Kevin and Hailey's mom), Wycinanki-Polish Paper Cutting Craft (Zeke and Pravaksha's mom), Czech Folk Tale (Tinwin's mom), Friendship Bracelets and Lanyards (Micah's mom) and a Chinese Craft (Samantha C.'s mom).  Please take the time to have your child share more about their experiences today as they traveled around the world learning about different cultures.  Many thanks to Keilani's mom, Savannah's mom, Selah's mom, and Kennedy's mom, who all dropped in and volunteered to help make our day run smoothly from setting up our rotations, to setting up and serving at the the feast, to cleaning everything up and returning our classroom back to normal.  We also wanted to thank you all for sending in your yummy dishes to make this a spectacular Multicultural Feast.  And last, but not least, thank you Shachar(Elah's mom) for all your work in helping to organize this special day for us.  We appreciate our wonderful Indigo Parents as we know very well that this day happens because of you!  




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Jun 30