Growing With Green - February 6, 2017

We celebrated Open School Day on Tuesday, January 31st. It was truly an amazing day!  Here is the list of the incredible activities:

Haitian Drum Circle led by Jimmy (Kyra’s dad)
St. Patrick’s Day Bingo led by Lauren (Kendell’s grandma)
Making Quesadillas led by Anna (Christian’s mom)
Sugar Cube Pyramids led by Mary (Bella’s mom) and Lena (Jaxton’s mom)
Dragon Puppets led by Deedee (Larkin’s mom) and Melanie (Lindsey’s mom)
Brazilian Folklore led by Daniel (Stella’s au pair)
Irish Dancing led by Claire (Seamus’ mom)

Thank you for creating such wonderful activities for us. Another thank you to all the parents who came to help us with the activities, especially, Aaron and Elise (Willa’s parents) for staying the entire day to help! And yet another special thank you to all the bakers, chefs, and good food shoppers for sending in all the DELICIOUS food! =) We had enough for an army! 

We have another exciting month ahead. Tomorrow (2/7/17) we will be celebrating the 100th day of school. On Tuesday, February 14th, we will have yet another celebration.  We will  be celebrating Valentine’s Day with plenty of fun activities. Our wonderful room mom Deedee, has fun activities planned. She will send out a sign-up genius soon.  If you are sending in Valentine cards, please remember to SIGN ONLY YOUR CHILD”S NAME.  Please do not address the cards to specific children, as this makes passing out the cards extremely difficult.

This week we will be working on forming the letter Mm.  We will be learning the sound of “m.”  “M is is for Missy Mouse.”  We are learning the sight word “you.”


Expiration Date: 
Aug 1