Weekly News - February 10, 2017

February 10, 2017


Classroom News


Thank you so much to the many parents who came today to help with objects. I was blown away by how much was accomplished!  So now we need a whole lot of cardboard cut!  If you can come Monday morning, that would be wonderful, as we’ll be working on objects all day Monday and we can’t start putting the costumes together until the cardboard is cut.  We’d love help all day, both with cutting and putting them together, so please join us if you can.  The more of you, the more we get done!  

Tuesday is Valentines Day, so if your child is bringing valentines, please remember to write roll call numbers on the outside of the cards to make passing them out easier.  

Jessica was out today, quite sick, so the goals were read, but not too many comments were made - there just wasn’t enough time.  Our work with gratitude seems to be paying off, though, as many of the notes about what the students were grateful for were getting more thoughtful and quite sweet.  Please remember to read and sign the goal sheet and have your child bring it back on Monday.

On Thursday, Open School is hosting 60+ teachers and administrators for our annual Institute: Constructivism in Action.  We are very excited and proud to share what we are doing at Open School with other educators and to have our students shine, too.  We will be following our regular school schedule, though Friday is a minimum day.

As part of our study of characters in books, we have been reading books involving some very strong and brave people. One book we read was The Youngest Marcher about Audrey Faye Hendricks who, at 9 years old was the youngest participant in the Birmingham protests in 1963 that filled the jails so no one else could be arrested.  The students were very engaged by this book, especially by the idea that a 9 year old would volunteer to go to jail to support this cause she believed in so deeply.  (They were equally amazed that her parents let her go to jail!)  We also read Dia’s Story Cloth, about a Hmong family escaping Laos and how the Hmong people’s story was told through embroidery in a story cloth.  The class especially enjoyed hearing Denise’s personal connections to elements of both of these stories, so we encourage you to share stories from your family and friends about people who are, or were, standing up for things they believed in.  


Scholastic News:  The next Scholastic News cover story profiles some of the students who participated in boycotts during the 1960’s.  We’re asking the students to compare one of the girls from this article to Audrey Faye Hendricks from the book we read earlier this week. The magazine and map are due on Tuesday, 2/21. 

Problem of the Week:  Next week’s problem is a challenging one that’s hard to explain without the visual that accompanies it.  The students are trying to figure out how to outline nine squares in three different colors so that they can be arranged to make three differently colored outlines (it’ll make more sense when you see the problem).  Please remind your child that we do not expect everyone to get every weekly problem right, we just expect them to give them all a really good effort and persist in thinking and making a variety of attempts.  We are sending home squares that can be used to explore this problem.  We will be reminding everyone to use pencil as they are playing around with this problem, as once a side is actually colored, it’ll be hard to change it.  There’s also a hint on the paper that should help give students a direction for starting.  It’s due on Tuesday, 2/21.  

Word Study:   Pentagons and hexagons have their work  due on 2/16.  The octagons and heptagons have new words and their work is due on 2/23.  The octagons have some particularly interesting words, some of which they chose, that come from last year’s official Spelling Bee words.   As they chose some of them, there wasn’t time to go over the meanings of all of the words, so please help your child make sure he/she knows what they all mean. 

Song Practice:  The students have been taught 3 of the songs for the Object Parade and they should be practicing them to learn all of the words.

Expiration Date: 
Jun 30