Indigo Cluster News February 13, 2017

Indigo Cluster News 

Wonder and Exploration

February 6, 2017-February 10, 2017


Valentines’ Day

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!!! We know many students have been asking about passing out their Valentine’s Day cards/treats. If your child would like to bring Valentine’s (enough for  all 48 students), We will have time in our day to pass things out, but just wanted to let you know we are asking that students do not address the Valentine’s.  In class we told them that they can put their classmates roll call number on them, but we now realize they don’t even have to do that!!! Please just have your child write their name on it so that everyone knows who it is from and that’s all that’s needed.  It will make the limited time we have to pass out the Valentine’s go much smoother!  Thanks so much……..and Happy Valentine’s Day!


Open School Institute

This Thursday, we will host an institute for teachers and administrators to come and learn about some of the many wonderful things we do here at Open School.  We would love to have your help!  If you are available Wednesday during the day, or for a short time right after school we would love to have help getting our room cleaned up, organized, and ready.  Many hands will make it go so much faster.  If you are coming  during the school day, we will be teaching so we will just work around the students and our will help direct you as well.  Please email us at and let us know if you are available to come help us out.  


Flat Stanley Project Update

We have had some amazing presentations so far!!! Thank you so much for helping your child prepare their presentations.  If your child has not presented yet, and they are not sure when they are scheduled to present, please email us and we will let you know.  



Scholastic Book Orders

Book Order Forms were sent home today.  The book order deadline is Monday February 20th(President’s Day).  You may order online at The Class Activation Code is MLF3N.  There is no need to send in any money as you will be able to take care of all your ordering and payment online.  



This week’s Word Study homework will be a Spelling City assignment so your child’s words were sent home, but there wasn’t an assignment attached.  The words are just for them to practice with at home so the list does not need to be turned in.  


Upcoming Events: 

February 17, 2017-Minimum Day, Dismissal at 12:50

February 20, 2017-No School-President’s Day

March 1, 2017- Fieldtrip to the Discovery Cube

March 20-March 24, 2017-Spring Conferences

March 22,-March 24, 2017-Minimum Day Dismissal at 12:50

March 29, 2017-Fieldtrip to the California Science Center


Expiration Date: 
Jun 30