Growing With Green - February 13, 2017

On Tuesday, February 14, we will have yet another celebration.  We will  be celebrating with our Green Cluster Valentine’s Party! If you are sending in Valentine cards, please remember to sign only your child’s name.  Please do not address the cards to specific children, as this makes passing out the cards extremely difficult.  Please make sure to send in 48 cards - one for each student.

On Thursday February 16th we will be hosting our Open School Institute. All of the Clusters will present demonstrations and workshops to nearly 70 participants, comprised of teachers and administrators.  This will be our 14th Institute which is always highly successful and visitors are highly impressed with the knowledge, depth, and enthusiasm of our students at Open School.

We have been working on a Graphing and Analysis unit using candy hearts. We will be working on both through the next week. We have been working with Attribute Blocks to help children develop thinking and logic skills. Students look for similarities, differences and analyze patterns of the wooden blocks that are differentiated by size, shape, and color. 

Our Writing Workshop authors have been continuing to work on their Label Booklets.  They have been exposed to mentor texts and are moving on to their second and third booklets.

A big shout out to Lindsey (Peter’s mom), Claire (Seamus’ mom), and Shachar (Khai’s mom) who came in to help us with our “100th Day of School” celebration!

Parent Notes:
• Use the Valentine cards from Green Cluster to complete the Valentine sorting activity (see attached).



Expiration Date: 
Aug 1