Fieldtrip and Reading Log Remiders

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to send a few fieldtrip reminders for tomorrow.

  • Please have your child wear their Indigo Cluster t-shirt or an Indigo colored shirt.
  • Please have your child pack their lunch and snack separately as they will not have access to their lunch bags prior to lunch.  We will eat a snack as soon as we arrive at the Discovery Cube so they can just put a bar/fruit or whatever their snack is in a separate ziplock, paper bag, etc.  so we can eat quickly and then go inside.
  • Please arrive on time.  We will try to have breakfast set up before school so that our students can come in and eat right away.  We plan to leave right after that.


And finally.......the Read-a-thon Log are due tomorrow. We will have a box for students to turn them into so please remember to initial them and have them turn it in before we leave for our trip.


Thanks so much!

Expiration Date: 
Jun 30