Weekly News - March 3, 2017

March 3, 2017

Classroom News

Thank you to everyone who has come to help with our object costumes.  Please keep coming!  We need help all day Monday (9:00 - 12:25, 10:45 -  12:15, 1:00 - 2:30).  If you can come Tuesday or Wednesday morning from drop off until 10:25, it won’t be actual object work time, but we’ll give you a student or two to work with one-on-one to help them finish.  We’ll probably be working on Friday, too, but we’ll let you know for sure.

Today we sent home a letter about our upcoming Riley’s Farm trip that we’ve mentioned in earlier weekly news, as well as the trip slip for the the trip.  We need around 10 more drivers to make this trip happen, so please let us know if you can join us.  

We’re still missing many of the conference confirmation sheets.  We have people waiting to try and rearrange their times and we can’t help them out until we’ve heard from everyone, so please send your form in as soon as possible.

We’ve only received one order form for a signed Brandon Mull book so far.  We have until March 14th to turn them in, so please send yours in if you’re going to order a book.  We’re very much enjoying Fablehaven, so we think your kids will love the rest of the series, too.

We’ve been so loving this year’s Read-a-Thon!  Our students have been eagerly reading and working to collect more cards. In class, to go along with our study of character, the students have been working on deciding which character they would want to be if a card was made of them.  These will become paragraphs that we will share with you, probably next Friday.  We had close to 100% participation last week.  We had 3 late turn ins and only 1 student who didn’t turn in a log at all, so we’re very close!  The committee would like us to share the following with you:  (Please share the twists with your kids)

We have some new Surprise TWISTS to our Readathon!

1. Students who boost their minutes 25% or more above Week 1 will earn a Power Card when they turn in their log next Wednesday!!!

2. Super Readers WILL qualify for a Super Reader card for each week they attain that level. This means Super Readers CAN earn up to 3 different cards.

So, remember to turn in your reading log, including any Week 1 minutes, next Wednesday so we can see how much you have improved!


Minutes are Minutes no Matter how Few, 

so turn in your log, we need You!

Even if you think you didn't read a whole lot, 

Turn in your minutes, we want all that you've got!

And have a Twisted Tales weekend!


*** Weekend Challenge!  The students were given their scripts for the Object Parade today and given a challenge.  Any student who has their line completely memorized on Monday (can say it perfectly without looking at the script) will earn $10 in Yellow Cluster money.  The students asked for a bonus if everyone was able to say their lines, so we said if everyone knows their lines on Monday, it’ll be $20 a person.  Please support your child in accomplishing this goal.  We did notice that some students left their scripts in their mailboxes, which would mean they can’t memorize their lines, so we’re attaching it here as a PDF:  Object Parade Script.

We also need them to have the songs memorized, so, just in case, here are those words as a PDF:  Parade songs.

Science Spin:  As we anticipate many students will be needing to spend time at home this week working on drawings for their object costumes, we are only having the students read the magazine and answer the questions on the back.  The magazine is due on Tuesday, 3/7. 

Problem of the Week:  We’ve been working on some algebra problems in class, so we’re sending home a set of algebra problems.  In this problem, there are 11 different shapes.  Each shape stands for one of the numbers from 0 to 12 (one number isn’t used).  Based on the equations given, the students are to figure out which shape stands for which number. Solving this problem will require a combination of thinking about multiplication patterns and some trial and error. It’s due on Tuesday, 3/7.  

Word Study:   The pentagons and hexagons got new words and their work is due Thursday, on 3/16.   The octagons and heptagons have their work is due this Thursday, on 3/9. 

Expiration Date: 
Jun 30