Weekly News - March 10, 2017

March 10, 2017


Classroom News

Our object costumes are really coming together, thanks to our volunteers.  Please keep coming!  We’d really like to finish them up on Monday, if at all possible, but we’ll need lots of you to come help at different parts of the day.  If you can join us, we’re working all day Monday (9:00 - 12:25, 10:45 -  12:15, 1:00 - 2:30).  If you can come Tuesday or Wednesday morning from drop off until 10:25, it won’t be actual object work time, but we’ll give you a student or two to work with one-on-one to help them finish.  We’d also love helpers during those Tuesday and Wednesday morning times to take small groups of students to rehearse their lines.  Let us know if you can come help with that, so we can plan accordingly.

We’re still missing many field trip slips and donations for our Riley’s Farm trip.  We need $18-20 per person going to pay for this trip, but all students will be going, whether or not a donation is made.  Thank you, so much, to the generous families who have donated more than requested to help support students with financial needs.  Today we sent home an additional permission slip, this one for permission to ride in a private vehicle.  If you’re driving, we’ll be sending home an insurance form that we’ll need from you per district regulations.  

We’ve only received a couple of order forms for a signed Brandon Mull book so far.  They must be returned by this Tuesday, as we have to bring them to the bookstore that afternoon.  Please order!  We’re very much enjoying Fablehaven, so we think your kids will love the rest of the series, too.  We are being considered to host the author/illustrator of one of our popular graphic novel series, so having a large number of orders will help increase our chances for this next author visit.  If you need a new order form, here is a link to download one.  Order Form

The Read-a-thon continues to be so much fun!  We so appreciate all of the hard work of the Committee and the extra volunteers who have come to tally minutes.  Here are the latest Surprise TWISTS to share with your kids!

1. Students who complete 4 or more Achievements by the end of Readathon (March 15) will receive a BONUS BASIC card!

Students who complete all 3 Special Challenges by the end of Readathon will receive a BONUS POWER card!

This Wednesday is the last day to turn in reading logs.  We haven’t hit 100% yet, so we’re hoping to get everyone’s logs for this last week.  

Next Thursday and Friday Denise will be at a teacher’s technology conference, so the weekly news won’t be coming home on Friday next week.  We’ll send any information you might need for the week after on the following Monday.


*** We would like all of the songs and lines memorized next week, so please help your child make sure this gets accomplished.

Scholastic News:  This week’s map is about making a flow map that would be used to write a summary of the cover story.  The magazine and map are due on Tuesday, 3/14. 

Problem of the Week:  The new problem is about changing an arrangement of water glasses with only one move.  This is one of those problems that can seem impossible until the solution just comes to you in a flash, so encourage your child to just let the thinking simmer for a bit.  It’s due on Tuesday, 3/14.  

Word Study:   After the pentagons and hexagons turn in their work on Thursday, 3/16, there won’t be any new word study homework for any of the groups until after Spring Break.  Between conference week and Riley’s Farm, and then Spring Break, we don’t have enough regularly scheduled Thursdays to make having word study homework feasible.


Expiration Date: 
Jun 30